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The Agri Media Committee's mission is to increase the value of their media offerings to their agri-marketer target audiences, thus enhancing the business growth, knowledge and best practices of leading agricultural companies.

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Chairs: Don Tourte, Vice President, Sales and Events, Farm Progress Companies

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Every two years, the Agri Media Committee develops the Media Channel Survey, which polls agri media end users on their media usage. The 2014 Media Channel Study polled 1,029 farm or ranch owners, operators and managers and found that 97 percent continue to use agriculture magazines and newspapers -- making it the number one resource for information. 

This research is conducted with five major goals:

  • To continue the periodic examination of usage and engagement with traditional and digital media channels serving the agricultural industry
  • To monitor how digital media may be having an impact on traditional media channels
  • To look at how farmers and ranchers are using smartphones and tablets for communications purposes
  • To understand how age and operator income may yield usage/engagement differences across the channel spectrum
  • To help marketers gain further insight as to how an integrated media strategy may be best considered



The Agri Media Committee sponsored an online survey of marketers in March 2014. This study aimed to understand how agri marketers feel about the traditional and digital media that serve the industry.

Key takeaways include:

  • Respondents indicated in-person events and print advertising do the best job at generating awareness of new products and services.
  • Overall, 83% of the respondents said they expect spend levels to stay the same or increase over the next 12 months.

For more insight, read this news article on the release of the report.

Agri Ad: An Integrated Plan

The Agri Media Committee developed a new advertising campaign that runs monthly in Agri Marketing Magazine. To view the ad, click the thumbnail.

New research confirms that the best way to reach farmers and ranchers is Ag Media. *5 of the top marketing resources are Ag Media specific.* An integrated plan combining digital, print, on air and in person is the most effective way to harness the power of Ag Media.

Agri Media Committee Intelligence Report

The Agri Council Intelligence Report delivers news, research and case studies, both Ag-specific and related to the overall business media industry, to ag industry marketers, agencies and media companies. View the archives.

Upcoming Meetings


Recent Meetings

July 28, 2015, in Scottsdale (Ag Media Summit)

The council reviewed the framework for the 2016 channel study, and had the benefit of input from a group of agency media executives on the questionnaire format for the new study.

April 15, 2015, in Kansas City (NAMA)

The council reviewed the importance of the ABM/NAMA research study and engaging the Agri Marketers. The council 's discussion of the Agri Marketing ad campaign focused on Council member sponsorship to provide visibility in all ten issues with the balance to be supported by Connectiv/SIIA.  

January 15, 2015, in Sanibel Harbour, FL

The Council discussed how they could promote the Agri Media Council’s activities throughout Connectiv and learn about activities of other Committees/Councils. The Council discussed how they could partner with NAMA to showcase the new Ag Media Channel research.  

July 29, 2014, in Indianapolis, IN (Ag Media Summit)

During this first meeting of the fiscal year, the Council discussed sponsorship opportunities, including the FFA breakfast, the new Agri Media Council Marketer's Survey, ad campaigns to promote research, and presentations promoting the Council's research.

April 9, 2014, in Jacksonville, FL (NAMA Conference)

During this meeting, the Council reviewed what it has done to-date to promote the Ag Media Channel Study and future promotion strategies, including a new print and digital ad campaign. The Council also reviewed results from a new ag study that surveys marketers on the value of business media. The new study is similar to ABM's recent Value of B2B report.

Jan. 9 -10: The Agri Media Council's Strategic Planning Meeting

During this meeting, the Council reviewed the top-line results from the 2014 Ag Media Study and discussed promotional tools.