Our communities bring together nearly 500 of the best minds in business information and media to advance the state of the industry on a wide range of relevant issues. For many executives and their teams, expertise comes alive in these groups – along with the chance to make a difference at the industry level though networking and mentoring. The results of these collective efforts create content, oversee research and develop networks that strengthen the business information community overall.

We encourage members and their teams to get involved in one or more of these groups.

The Master Committee - Brings members face-to-face to explore new and collaborative ways content, audience marketing and digital teams are working together to drive innovation and increase revenue.

Agri Media Committee - Provides leadership and counsel for the promotion and awareness of members companies serving the agricultural marketplace.

Audience Marketing Committee - Provides member companies and their audience development/marketing executives with a forum to discuss and address issues and opportunities to identify, retain and market to their audiences in all channels.

Digital Media Committee - Addresses all issues related to member companies' digital strategies including: sales, technology and content.

Editorial & Content Committee - Addresses the delivery of content through all channels and is instrumental in defining the editorial code of ethics for b2b content, screening and judging the Neal Awards program and all initiatives related to editorial and content leadership.

Events Committee  - A resource for members to advise on best practices for the planning, development and execution of strategies and for both live and virtual events and conferences, separate from trade shows and expositions.

Data Leadership Committee - Provides a discussion forum for members with established data businesses and has two components: product development and marketing and sales.

Revenue Committee - Explores the changing role and functions of the publisher to a more brand management/chief revenue officer role within B2B media and information companies.

Talent Management Committee -
A community for HR executives to address all issues related to attracting and retaining a world-class employee base.

Women’s Leadership & Networking Committee
- Provides women at all member companies and at all levels, with a community dedicated to mentoring, leadership development and special events focused on upward mobility within the B2B industry.