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The Talent Management Committee's mission is to support a community of HR executives within the media industry who share similar Talent Management concerns, challenges and opportunities. By educating and exchanging information in a confidential, collaborative environment, committee members gain insights to advance the business interests of member companies.



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The Connectiv Compensation Survey [Members Only]
The Connectiv 2015 Compensation Survey will include data from member companies in key job titles and functions covering the business information industry. The report will also include the latest compensation trends including actual dollar values for average and mean compensation for each job title. The report is only available to members who have contributed data. The Survey is biennial, and the last iteration was released December 2014. 

The ABM/MPA Compensation Survey [Members Only]

The American Business Media / Magazine Publishers of America Compensation Survey Report includes data from about 50 companies and 7,400 employees in 175 job titles. The survey reveals the latest compensation trends for media professionals, including actual dollar values for average and mean compensation for every job title. The report is only available to members who have contributed data. It is biennial, with the last iteration was released December 2014.

For ABM coverage of compensation survey analysis and news, visit the following articles:

2012 Healthcare Benefits Survey

The Talent Management Committee conducted a broad survey of healthcare benefits and trends at b-to-b media companies. The wide-ranging, 50-page report covers topics including how frequently media firms change plan providers to insurance options offered to spousal coverage and wellness programs. The research also offers benchmarking data on plan costs, coverage specifics, prescription benefits and more. For more information, consult the following links:

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Recent Meetings

May 5th, 2015:The committee discussed the changing titles/job functions and how they impact hiring, retaining and developing teams.

March 5, 2015: Training & Professional Development AND Research & Metrics

Mr. Marchesano shared with the committee recommendations and suggestions for the Editorial Committee, and their interest in seeing ABM/SIIA introduce training initiatives for entry-level hires on how to develop their B2B media careers. 

The committee requested more research on cross training, technical and digital outsourcing and independent contractors versus full-time employees.

December 2, 2014: Compensation Survey

Michael Alterio, director of content and research at ABM, offered an overview of the 2014-2015 Compensation Survey.  

Oct. 2, 2014: Employee Engagement

Jill Krumholz, Partner & Managing Director, RealHR Solutions LLC; and Susan Kreeger, Founder and CEO, RealHR Solutions LLC presented on employee engagement. Topics included: the definition of employee engagement; research and its implications; tools for measuring engagement; employee engagement best practices; trends for the future; and ways to impact employee engagement in your organization.

June 3, 2014: Private exchanges presentation by Mercer

Kevin McElroy and Paul Cimino, from Mercer, gave a presentation on trends related to the Affordable Care Act, public exchanges and private exchanges.

May 22, 2014: Compensation & Benefits (benefit increases, Affordable Care Act, private exchanges)

During this meeting, the committee discussed best practices and concerns in relation to the Affordable Care Act and private exchanges.

Feb. 26, 2014: Compensation Survey Update and Professional Development Needs

During this meeting, the committee continued to work on the final details of the Compensation Study. The Committee also discussed professional development needs for 2014 and other topics that should be explored this year.

Nov. 20, 2013: Salary Increases, Modern Hiring Practices, Internship Policies

During roundtable discussions, committee members discussed upcoming salary increases including their pay-per-performance grids. Committee members also discussed hiring practices, including for digital positions where candidates have multiple opportunities (including consumer publications and agencies). Members also discussed their internship policies and positions.