Women's Leadership & Networking Committee

Marion Minor

Chair: Marion Minor

Owner & CEO, EPG Media & Specialty Information

The ABM-SIIA Women's Leadership & Networking Council is a newly launched group that provides women at ABM/SIIA member companies, at all professional levels, with strategies to succeed in their current positions, as well as tools to take their careers to the next level. All ABM/SIIA women in the B2B media and information industry are encouraged to join.

[Q&A] To learn more about the Council, read this Q&A with Marion Minor, chair of the Women's Leadership & Networking Council.

If you would like to join the new ABM-SIIA Women's Leadership & Networking Council, please email Elizabeth A. Reid. 

Operating Model

The council will be governed by an advisory board and chaired by a director of the ABM board. Members at large are defined as any interested representatives from a ABM or SIIA member company.

The advisory board will provide guidance on programs, events, research, award and recognition programs that reinforce the council’s mission. The council will also mentor and recognize tomorrow's leaders -- both young women and men. Women at all levels in their careers are encouraged to participate.

The council advisory board will meet quarterly, in person and/or by teleconference, to review agenda items submitted by both the advisory board members and members at large. Members at large are welcome and encouraged to attend the quarterly meetings.

Objectives and Goals

At the inaugural meeting in May 2014, members discussed the main goals and objectives for the Council. These goals include: 

• Networking – allowing members to network with others in their fields or with the same expressed interests 

• Mentoring & encouragement – guiding and encouraging young talent 

• Career advancement – a discussion of how members can assume leadership positions and advance their careers 

• Education & best practices – instruction and training for members at all levels 

• Advisement– creating a safe haven for members to seek advice on a variety of issues 

• Discussion of business issues – dialogues on how others are dealing with business and leadership issues 

• Promotion of women executives –  a push for women, from a variety of roles and departments, to be placed on ABM/SIIA programs, including those in revenue-generating roles and transformative leaders 

Other goals and objectives will be added as they are identified.

Gertrude Crain Award

The Women's Leadership & Networking Council will serve as the coordinating body for the Gertrude Crain Award. Details of this honor will be released soon.

Gertrude Ramsay Crain served as chair of Crain Communications after the death of her husband, G.D. Crain, Jr. During her tenure, from 1973 to 1996, she expanded the company’s titles from 7 to 27. She is credited with breaking barriers in business publishing for women and establishing new traditions for women in business management.

Women's Council Members

To view the advisory board of the Women's Leadership & Networking Council, click here.

To view the current members at large for the Women's Leadership & Networking Council, click here.

Recent Meetings

Minutes can be requested by emailing Elizabeth A. Reid, community & special projects manager.

May 7, 2014: Women's Leadership & Networking Kickoff Meeting

The Women's Leadership & Networking Council held a kickoff meeting at ABM's 2014 Annual Conference in Phoenix, Ariz. The Council reviewed the mission, objectives and goals of the Council as well as brainstormed future projects.

July 31, 2014: Women's Directory, New Awards Programs

The Council discussed the development of the Women's directory of members and the two new awards programs that will be coordinated by the Council.

Upcoming Meetings

The next Women's Leadership & Networking Council meeting will take place October 22 at 2pm ET.

For more information on the Women's Council, email Elizabeth A Reid.

The SIIA Women's Leadership & Networking Committee, founded in May 2014, provides women with a community dedicated to mentoring, leadership development and special events focused on upward mobility of women within the B2B industry. 

Objectives and Goals

  • Support professional growth and leadership for women in B2B media and information companies
  • Build a network and facilitate engagement between women in similar B2B business roles or with the same expressed interests
  • Mentor, encourage and develop young talent
  • Advocate for career advancement and greater representation of women in leadership positions
  • Identify education and training opportunities for members at all levels 
  • Provide a forum for members to seek advice on a variety of issues, including business and leadership challenges
  • Promote women executives, from a full-range of roles and departments, to be placed on SIIA programs and in leadership positions
  • Celebrate excellence at all career levels via the Gertrude Crain Award for Leadership and the Emerging Leaders Awards

Emerging Leader Award

The future of our workplace will be based on the strengths and talents of our Millennial employees. By 2050, they will represent 75% of our total workforce. This is a generation that is fundamentally changing our corporate cultures and rethinking how we work.

Reward and recognition are key drivers for this group. To that end, we established the Emerging Leader Awards for Connecitv, SIPA and other SIIA members to celebrate the Next Gen in B2B media, content and information. We award our third annual Emerging Leader Awards to five rising stars, both men and women, under 35 years of age, at the BIMS conference in November.

Gertrude Crain Award

The Gertrude Crain Award celebrates a woman B2B executive with an extraordinary record of achievement and leadership.  It honors Gertrude Ramsay Crain who served as chair of Crain Communications after the death of her husband, G.D. Crain, Jr. During her tenure from 1973 to 1996, she expanded the company’s titles from 7 to 27, and is credited with breaking barriers for women in B2B business management.  The first Award recipient was Fawn Lopez, vp and publisher, Modern Healthcare in 2015; the second was Cathilea Robinett, president, e.Republic in 2016; and the third to Debra Walton, Global Managing Director, Customer Proposition, Financial & Risk, Thomson Reuters in 2017.


Marion Minor
Marion Minor, Chair
CEO, EPG Media & Specialty Information

Women's Committee Committee Members