Connectiv Digital Media Council Meeting

Ring in the New Year with Connectiv's Digital Media Council, which brings together digital media professionals for peer-to-peer conversation and best practices.

The Jan. 18 agenda includes:

Crafting Killer Content that Gets Shared

Ever wonder why one tweet or Facebook post takes off and another doesn’t? Social media’s “secret sauce” isn’t just luck; it’s also having an audience-centric strategy to put you in the right place at the right time. Learn how to identify your audiences, target trending topics and pair the two to maximize engagement! This session will cover:

  • Formulas of successful posts, including cross-platform writing tips
  • Identifying digital audiences and modeling personas
  • Tools you can use to create multimedia and find trends
  • Implementing benchmarking and content calendars for long-term success


Bethany Chambers
Director of Audience Engagement, North Coast Media, Cleveland, OH

Plus: Google Chrome’s New Ad Standards Initiative – How to Respond

Media companies are crafting responses to Google Chrome's New Ad Standards Initiative (launching Feb 15). What are smart companies doing? What are you doing or should you be doing? Learn what other publishers are doing to comply—and how they’re gauging the impact on revenue.