ETIN Video Testimonals

Executive Connections

Randy Wilhelm, CEO and Co-Founder, Knovation
Randy and Knovation joined ETIN in 2002 when the company was still just getting started. The company offers a digital content delivery platform for personalized learning.

Jim Ruddy, VP of Bus Dev at Learnosity
Learnosity works with education content providers to develop online assessment solutions for their products. Learnosity joined ETIN in 2013 and has been growing steadily since.

These founders attended an ETIN conference for the first time and were very excited about the connections they made.

Professional Development

Investment Banker uses ETIN to advance professional goals
Cherry Tree & Associates has been working with education-focused companies since 1985. Chad Johnson is the Managing Director. He and Cherry Tree have been members for almost 10 years.

ETIN helps Mark Quintana with transition from public to private sector
After 19 years in a large urban school district, Mark Quintana moved to Promethean. ETIN resources enabled him to master his new professional environment efficiently helping him succeed in his new role.

ETIN's Leadership and Diversity Training Program
In 2016, ETIN launched the Ed Tech Leadership and Development Program to help increase women and minority participation at senior levels of member organizations.


Benjamin Hueston

Mark Quintana

Randy Wilhelm

Award Programs

The CODiE Awards add credibility
Learnosity's VP of Business Development, Jim Ruddy, on how winning a CODiE Award provided credibility to their solution.

The CODiE Awards help a small company take off
Manish Gupta, CEO of uCertify, which provides online courses, discusses how success in the CODiE Awards led to growth for his company.

Branding & Visibility

ETIN's Innovation Showcase Generates Traction
Rushikesh Bandikar, Founder of start up PrepMagic, shares his experience with ETIN's Innovation Showcase.

Market Intelligence

Chad Johnson, Managing Director, Cherry Tree
Cherry Tree is an investment banking firm working with ed tech companies. Chad and Cherry Tree have been involved with ETIN for over 8 years.

Joyce Whitby, VP of Sales, West’s Education Group
West is a large communication services provider. Joyce has been an ETIN member for over 10 years spanning multiple different companies.

Edie Perkins, Head of Marketing for Global Schools, Age of Learning
Age of Learning is a young educational content provider that joined ETIN in late 2015. Edie has been involved with ETIN for 5 years.

Strategies & Efficiencies

Benjamin Hueston

Financing & Exits

Chad Johnson

Market Expansion

Mark Quintana

Farimah Schuerman


Member Benefits

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