Insider Series: Defining the MVP… Minimal Viable Product, That Is


When defining a new product everyone brings a wish list of the features they want in that first release. Sales has a customer who must absolutely have something to close a sale, marketing needs another thing to make the competitive chart look that much better, the development team wants a particular architecture to future proof the underlying code… and the product manager is left to manage the process that leads to the right initial offering, usually based on the minimum viable product. In this webinar we will explore how that process proceeds through a few examples and best practices shared by two experienced product managers. We will address:

  • the dynamic tension between personnel that leads to the right product
  • the role of the product manager in managing that dynamic and strategies used
  • how to use the outcome of market research and product vision to define the MVP

This is the first in a new series of Insider Webinars hosted by ETIN. It is being presented by the Technology and Development Committee with the goal of helping more technical representatives of ETIN’s members be even more efficient and effective in their roles.


Adam Percival, Senior Product Manager, Edgenuity Inc.

Adam Percival has developed educational software products for the past 10 years, most recently with Edgenuity, Inc. where he is currently the lead product manager for Edgenuity’s new UpSmart adaptive standards mastery solution. With Compass Learning (prior to its acquisition by Edgenuity), Adam led the development of the Pathblazer reading and math intervention and Hybridge blended learning product lines, among other successful digital products. Before entering the edtech field, Adam taught science in Brooklyn, NY.

David Robertshaw, Chief Product Officer, Activate Learning

David Robertshaw has over 20 years of experience in EdTech product management, including the development of print, digital and SaaS products. At Activate Learning, a science curriculum publisher, David manages the full product life-cycle for all products, working closely with engineering, editorial, sales, and customers to ensure stakeholder satisfaction. He has presented at national and international conferences, is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) since 2001 and has an MBA in International Business.



Michael Jay, President, Educational Systemics

Michael taught Science in California, where he worked on developing the state's first set of Technology in the Curriculum materials. He helped start Apple's Classroom of Tomorrow project and went on to found Mediaseek Technologies,continuing the development of tools for children and educators as Director of Education Business Development at N2H2 and VP and GM of Brainium Technologies in the following years, where he worked on sustainable 1:1 computing in schools. Michael served on the Executive Board of the School's Interoperability Framework and played a pivotal role in driving the development and adoption of the LRMI, both pivotal to data and content interoperability in pK-12 education. Michael served on the SIIA Ed Board for 12 years, three of which he served as co-chair. He started and continues to cochair the ETiN Tech & Dev working group.  Michael is also the host of Education Table Talk, a month internet radio show that addresses topics important to those who serve pK-12 education.