Start Smart: Customer Feedback - The Difference between Success & Failure

This webinar will illustrate innovative ways new companies have gathered customer feedback to ensure the products they are building are in step with their customers needs, while building a pipeline to quickly expand their credibility and market growth. 

Attendees will explore real world examples with take-aways that include: 

  •  How to "start from scratch" building customer feedback loops and partnerships 
  •  Common Mistakes that make the difference between success and failure 
  •  Quick Tips* successful start ups use to build advocacy, loyalty and sales

Specific questions to explore with sharing of ideas will include the following: 

  1. Why is "customer feedback" even more critical to the success of a start up? Cost effectiveness? 
  2. When should feedback start - or stop? Who should you ask? 
  3. How do you prime the pump? How do you avoid the squeaky wheel? 
  4. How can you leverage the insights and information? 
  5. Why should they care? How do you connect the dots? 

 *One quick tip focuses on how best to cultivate, create and use short video testimonials to ensure your messaging resonate with potential buyers. Examples will be shown.