SIIA's Education has many resources available for members and non-members. Highlights include:

Webinar Archive

We host several webinars a year to explore topics of interest to the ed tech industry. With an initial focus on innovation, these 30-60 minute webinars provide an environment where you can learn and hear updates on industry trends while networking with peers. Our webinars are recorded and made available to our member along with the corresponding slides on our Archive page. You may also view and register for upcoming events by visiting our Events page.


Search our leading publications that keep you and your customers' current on educational trends as they happen. Many of our publications are free or sold at a reduced rate to SIIA members. 

Ed Policy Forum

ETIN follows and researches the latest in national, federal, state, and some international education policies and initiatives. The Ed Policy Forum provides SIIA's ETIN members with summaries and analyses of key education policies and initiatives impacting the K-20 marketplace. 

Student Privacy Toolkit for K-12 School Service Providers

Supporting student privacy and data security are critical to creating a trust framework necessary for educational institutions and agencies to successfully adopt data-enabled information and communication technologies. SIIA has provided leadership to the sector on policy and practice. This toolkit provides the sector, and SIIA members in particular, with a suite of resources to inform their internal practices as well as their work with educators, families and policy leaders.


The SIIA Education Division provides blogs to explore topics of interest to the ed tech industry. Check out our various posts on everything from new industry trends to our recent policy work and upcoming conferences and events.

Search Resources

Search our vast database of resources that include documents, papers, and presentations.