About FISD


FISD is the global forum of choice for industry participants to discuss, understand, and facilitate the evolution of financial information for the key players in the financial information value chain including consumer firms, third party groups, and data providers. It is a dynamic environment in which members identify the trends that will shape the industry, and create education opportunities and industry initiatives to address them.


The FISD agenda encompasses the wide range of commercial, technical, and regulatory issues that face the financial information industry. The specific events, working groups, and activities that FISD offers will change over time in response to member needs and the changing business environment, but key subject areas include:    

  • Commercial policies for market and reference data
  • Legal and contractual issues
  • Market data administration - data permissioning, usage reporting, billing, and auditing
  • Legislative and regulatory developments that affect the creation and usage of financial information
  • Real-time data processing and connectivity
  • Indexes - the creation, distribution and usage of index information
  • Communications, product management and service delivery practices
  • Data standards and best practices
  • Data management
  • Intellectual property issues and data piracy
  • Human resources, organizational, and professional development


FISD assists its members in a variety of areas including:

Best Practices: A key activity within FISD is the development and advocacy of best practice recommendations (BPRs). The BPRs set a basic standard of consistency and efficiency for industry policies and practices. BPRs represent a consensus resulting from significant discussion and debate of individuals representing a diverse spectrum of FISD member firms.

Events: FISD hosts a range of programs globally. Most of the programs are free for members and feature a broad array of content presented in a variety of formats. Our networking events were voted by our membership as the most valuable service they receive.

Working Groups: In our role as a neutral industry forum, FISD creates and manages working groups that discuss and seek to identify consensus on issues related to financial information. By participating in a working group, you have your hand on the pulse of industry issues.

Connect & Communicate with the FISD Network: FISD has an assortment of vehicles to assist members in staying connected to the market data community:

Visibility: FISD offers members visibility to the industry via:

  • Speaking opportunities
  • Event Sponsorship
  • Exhibiting
  • Outlet for press releases
  • Distribution of white papers and presentations

Professional Development: FISD promotes career building initiatives for financial information professionals

  • Job Search Resources
  • Professional Certification - FISD has worked with senior and experienced practitioners to develop the Level 1 and Level 2 credential exams for financial information industry professionals, ensuring that candidates would be tested on the most critical industry knowledge.