About SIIA's IP Protection Division

SIIA's Intellectual Property Protection Division conducts a comprehensive, industry-wide campaign to protect and enforce the intellectual property rights of participating software and content companies. The pro-active campaign is premised on the notion that one must balance enforcement with education in order to be effective.

Internet Anti-Piracy Program

SIIA monitors and takes action against piracy of software and content taking place over the Internet. This includes downloadable software and content being offered on websites, news groups, FTP, Torrent and sharehosting sites, as well as physical copies of software and content sold through websites, auction sites, and classified ad sites.

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Corporate Anti-Piracy Program

SIIA pursues cases of software and content piracy taking place within an organization. This occurs when software has been installed or content is being copied and/or distributed by an organization without the proper license from the publisher. Those who report piracy taking place within an organization to SIIA may be eligible for a reward of up to $1 million.

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 Audit Software

An important part of any compliance program is conducting an audit of every computer in a company to ensure that only licensed software has been installed. SIIA offers its help by reviewing, certifying and offering free, trial versions of audit tools.


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