Specialized Information Publishers Foundation (SIPF)

The Specialized Information Publishers Foundation (SIPF) is an IRS 501(c)(3) public foundation. SIPF was created in 1982 and is affiliated with the Specialized Information Publishers Association (SIPA). SIPF's goal is to further excellence in specialized-information publishing by promoting the medium to the mainstream press and the public, while attracting and developing industry professionals at all levels.

Our Mission

SIPF advances the interests of for-profit subscription newsletter publishers and specialized-information services through:

  • facilitation of research
  • recognition of excellence in the field
  • outreach to academic and professional institutions.

History: Created by industry pioneers — supported by those who followed

The discussion began in a bar. (Or so it goes. We are journalists, after all.) Why not form a foundation to represent and serve the interests of newsletter publishers?

In 1982, a group of industry leaders joined forces to create a non-profit entity that would support the efforts of the group known then as the Newsletter Publishers Association of America. During its thirty-plus years of existence — through four association name changes — the Foundation has remained true to its mission of promoting the specialized information publishing industry to the general public and to fostering excellence in the field.

Through its research, recognition and outreach programs, SIPF acts as a voice for the industry, and raises funds in support of SIPA members and their interests. Contributions to the Foundation have:

  • recognized excellence in specialized information publishing journalism and marketing.
  • underwritten invaluable research that aids publishers in their business and hiring practices.
  • funded programs that introduce college students to the world of specialized information publishing.
  • allowed deserving journalists, marketers, operations staff, and publishers to attend association meetings.

SIPF prides itself on innovative fundraising methods in support of such projects. From auctioning off the late Dave Swit's tie, to mechanical bull riding competitions, to personality auctions, to the lapel tie pins you'll see donors wearing today, the Foundation is true to a single goal: serving SIPA members' best interests.

2017 Scholarship Program

The 2017 SIPF Scholarship Program will launch on December 1, 2016, the application period will close on February 1, 2017 (leaving open the option to reopen the application period if all scholarship funds have not been distributed), and recipients will be announced on February 17, 2017.

Who is eligible for SIPF scholarships? 
Scholarship awards will be given exclusively to SIPA members, employees of SIPA member organizations and their family members.  (Only one scholarship will be given to any one member employee’s family.)

How much scholarship money is available?
A total of $25,000 will be granted to applicants. A maximum of one application per person may be submitted, and scholarship awards will be granted for tuition or fees up to $5,000 per award.

For what purposes must the scholarship money be used? 
You must use SIPF scholarship awards for educational purposes—which includes degree programs at traditional educational institutions; certification programs with continuing education units; single-class sessions that may or may not include formal college credit; adult education classes; and industry-related conferences, for example.  An amount of up to $7,500 of the $25,000 available will be allocated specifically for members and their employees who need assistance with registration fees to attend SIPA’s 41st Annual Conference, June 5-7, 2017. Please be specific about how much scholarship money you seek and how and at what institution it will be used.

What is the deadline to apply for SIPF scholarship grants? 
Please submit the application below by February 1, 2107, to be considered for a scholarship award.

To whom and when will scholarship money be disbursed? 
Upon award of a scholarship, SIPF will disburse money directly to the provider of the education for which the scholarship is awarded—upon proof of enrolment or with an invoice from the institution.

Which criteria will be used to determine who will receive scholarshipsand who will make these determinations? 
Our goal will be to disburse as many scholarships as possible and to avoid judgment calls on whom should receive our grants. Everyone qualified by the criteria above will receive a grant.  

To accomplish this, all qualified applicants will receive a share of the $25,000 proportionate to the amount they request up to the $5,000 limit. 

In other words, $25,000 (or the total scholarship amount available) will be divided by the sum of all application amounts to derive an index percentage against which each individual scholarship request amount will be multiplied to set actual scholarship grant amounts. 

Download the Application