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Nancy Brand ( is the managing director of the SIPA division of SIIA. Previously, Nancy was the senior director of operations at Chartwell, Inc, a SIPA member company focusing on best practices in the electric and gas utility industry. She managed marketing, IT, account management, training and sales to support the company’s evolving business strategy. She has overseen the transition from software to cloud-based solutions as well as developed multiple websites. A former member of the SIPA Board of Directors and a past presenter at SIPA conferences, she brings hands-on experience in marketing, operations, event management, memberships and sales. Nancy graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a degree in Management and earned her MBA focusing on data analysis and marketing from Georgia State University. Contact Nancy to discuss general management, publishing, sales, marketing, and technology issues.

Ronn Levine

Ronn Levine ( is editorial director at SIPA. He generates and oversees the editorial content at SIPA, and produces the SIPAalert Daily. He began his career as a reporter for The Washington Post and has won numerous writing and publications awards since. Most recently, he spent 12 years at the Newspaper Association of America covering a variety of topics before joining SIPA in 2009 as managing editor. Contact Ronn with questions about SIPA’s member newsletter, SIPAlert Daily, and the long-running SIPAwards program. He welcomes your press releases, article ideas, and award nominations. Follow Ronn on Twitter at @SIPAOnline.

Nevena Jovanovic ( is the program coordinator for SIPA. Prior to joining SIPA, her professional career was in the field of international relations. She spent four years working as a diplomat for the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and holds BA and MA degrees in International Relations. Contact Nevena with questions about upcoming meetings and events, chapter activities, the job board, and the SIPA website.