Customer Onboarding and Retention: Increasing Loyalty, Lifetime Value and Profits


February 23, 2017  •  Washington, DC

"The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer." – Peter Drucker

Discover proven techniques publishers and content providers can use to increase customer satisfaction, the average sale and overall revenue.
Specialized publishers realize that they can only survive and thrive to the degree they sell more products over many years to their finite (and sometimes small), markets. In other words, we must create a multiple-purchase, renewable-relationship business.

Learn how best-in-class publishers strategically bring their customers into their community, engage and delight them, and keep them buying year after year. This event will help you find the latest proven strategies for onboarding, cultivating and renewing customer relationships.

Whether your company is B2B, B2C, large, small or in-between, you’ll walk away with best practices to keep subscribers, members, advertisers and sponsors smiling and buying.

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“Great experience with an intelligent and experienced group - I'll be back!” – Henry Hotkowski, Marketing Manager, HR & Compensation Markets, Business and Legal Resources (BLR)

“Great speakers, great value. It's always helpful to network with your peers to learn what I'm doing wrong and occasionally right!” – Adam Goldstein, Publisher, Business Management Daily

“SIPA is truly a community of folks that come together in the spirit of sharing, learning, growing fellow members’ businesses. I always leave with actionable tips that my team can implement upon my return to the office - which gives our team instant ROI!” – Christina Karabetsos, Executive Vice President, QCSS, Inc.

"SIPA conferences are always inspiring and educational with real-life in the trenches advice from a variety of dynamic people." – Judy Doherty, Publisher, Food and Health Communications


6:30P.M. - 9:00P.M.

Dutch Treat Dinner

Georgia Brown's
950 15th St NW
Washington, DC 20005


8:00A.M. - 8:45A.M.

Registration and Networking Breakfast

8:45A.M. - 9:00A.M.

Welcome & Opening Remarks

9:00A.M. - 9:30A.M.

Customer Service Is Everybody's Job: How a Culture of Customer Love Leads to a Greater Profit | Slides

Customer service attitude starts at the top, but has to be promoted, reinforced and rewarded at every level of your organization.Learn techniques that can make "customer first" a way of life in your organization, and learn how that translates to increased sales.


9:35A.M. - 10:05A.M.

Retooling Your Organization to Create Lifetime Customer Relationships: A Case Study | Slides

Is your company based on editorial? On marketing? On sales? Or is it focused on helping the customer meet all her needs, day after day, especially those needs you can solve? Discover tangible differences in the way a customer-focused organization is structured, managed and lived, so customers buy more and stay longer.


10:10A.M. - 10:55A.M.

Best Practices in Customer Onboarding: Let Them Know You Really Care from Day One | Slides

Most purchases of content—newsletters, webinars, books, reports, conferences—are workaday, even boring experiences. The customer buys something from you and doesn’t think about—or hear from—your company or brand until the content arrives. Then the customer quietly consumes the content and only hears from you again when you want to sell him more stuff. Alternatively, you can make welcoming new customers a special, unforgettable occasion that says we want you to be happy and we want you to stay with us for years. Learn methods customer service leaders use to create long-term relationships from first contact.


10:55A.M. - 11:10A.M.

Networking Break

11:10A.M. - 11:55A.M.

The Art of Delighting Customers: How We Work to Satisfy Customers Every Single Day

The best hotels put a mint (or a chocolate chip cookie) on your pillow every night you stay there. What magical (and mundane) steps do the best publishers and content providers take to let customers know they value the relationship, want to stay close and want to serve them year after year? Learn specific techniques you can adopt to increase customer loyalty.


12:00P.M. - 1:00P.M.

Networking Lunch

1:00P.M. - 1:45P.M.

How Editorial/Content Can Drive Customer Engagement and Loyalty to Build Longer-Term Relationships | Slides

Content is why customers come to us... and it's usually why they leave us.So what can your editorial and content teams do to create more interaction with customers, better meet their needs, form collegial bonds and extend relationships?How can they help achieve higher renewal rates, more repeat business and a longer customer life cycle?Find out how other publishers are enlisting editorial and content staff to forge more solid, profitable connections with customers.


1:50P.M. - 2:35P.M.

Automating Customer Relationship Management: How Technology Can Make Your Customers Feel Warm, Fuzzy and Friends Forever | Slides

We usually think of high-tech CRM systems as ways to make managing customers more efficient. And we think of nurturing customer relationships as a high-touch affair, requiring super-friendly CSRs But what if a coldly calculating CRM system could also help you create closer, warmer relationships—that show you care—without spending hours and hours chatting customers up on the phone. Learn techniques for harnessing marketing and sales automation in ways that make customers feel great.


2:40P.M. - 3:25P.M.

How to Leverage Your Customer Relationships to the Max: Best Techniques for Upselling and Cross-selling | Slides

Most first-time customers buy an inexpensive item with no intention of coming back. Wham, bam. But the smartest specialized publishers realize that the first-time purchase is a golden moment, never to come again—and never to be wasted. Learn what you can do to make sure your customer’s single first step turns into a long-term journey down the sales funnel—ever increasing their gratification and consumption of your products and services. Then learn techniques for selling them upwards, sideways and ways you never even thought of.


3:30P.M. - 3:45P.M.

Networking Break

3:45P.M. - 4:30P.M.

Your Single Most Profitable (and Often Neglected) Marketing Effort: Best Practices in Boosting Renewals | Slides

Though the profit margin of a renewal sale can be upwards of 90%, most publishers focus most of their marketing muscle on bringing in new customers, who may eventually have a high lifetime value (but only if they renew!) If you’re giving short shrift to your renewal marketing efforts, learn some new techniques (and some old techniques you’re probably ignoring) for immediately increasing your renewal rates . . . and your profits.


  • Kristina Dorsey, Manager of Retention and Events, CQ-Roll Call Group
  • Denise Elliott, Senior VP and Chief Operating Officer, Kiplinger Washington Editors, Inc.

4:30P.M. - 4:40P.M.

Closing Remarks

6:30P.M. - 9:00P.M.

Dutch Treat Dinner

14K Restaurant at The Hamilton
1001 14th St NW
Washington, DC 20005