Jim Sinkinson


Featuring copywriter and trainer Jim Sinkinson of Fired Up Marketing

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SIPA’s Online Copywriting Bootcamp:
How to Skyrocket Results from Emails, Landing and Home Pages

Give your marketing team proven, best-practice techniques for skyrocketing leads, sales and renewals 

Acquire updated tools and strategies for dramatically boosting response to

  •  Lead Generation
  •  Sales of Content/Information Products
  •  Renewals

This intensive event will benefit all marketers, product managers and publishers who have responsibility for direct response marketing of:

  •  Newsletters
  •  Memberships
  •  Events (attendance and sponsorship sales)
  •  Data Products and Services
  •  Special Reports and One-Offs

Acquire tools for supercharging the critical copy elements that bring you the highest leverage in terms of opens, engagement and conversions:

  • Subject Lines
  •  Heads and Subheads
  •  Body Copy (for letters and display messages)
  •  Calls to Action
  •  Conversion Forms

Jim SinkinsonA lively, entertaining experience with renowned copywriter and trainer, Jim Sinkinson. Jim is a veteran publisher, copywriting master and SIPA Hall of Fame member who will help you acquire classic and state-of-the-art online marketing techniques. He’s one of SIPA’s all-time highest rated speakers and trainers, so you’re assured of a fast-paced, highly practical and results-focused experience. Through his company, Fired Up Marketing, Jim helps publishers worldwide improve marketing results and content engagement. He’ll ensure you head home with a notebook full of ideas and techniques for supercharging your direct response success.