SIPA’s Best Practices Conference on Website Optimization: Increase Your Traffic, Customer Engagement and Sales

October 19, 2017 • Atlanta, GA

Best Practices Series

Discover proven techniques publishers and content providers are using to attract more prospects, generate more leads and boost transactions.

Your website is the hub of your publishing operation—from dispensing paid and unpaid content to capturing names and addresses and moving products. Yet when was the last time you matched the latest proven strategies for increasing website productivity and profitability with your own current practices?

Learn how best-in-class publishers dramatically multiply the effectiveness of their websites by increasing focus, seductive power, stickiness, usability and sales prowess.



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“Great speakers, great value. It's always helpful to network with your peers to learn what I'm doing wrong and occasionally right!” – Adam Goldstein, Publisher, Business Management Daily

“SIPA is truly a community of folks that come together in the spirit of sharing, learning, growing fellow members’ businesses. I always leave with actionable tips that my team can implement upon my return to the office - which gives our team instant ROI!” – Christina Karabetsos, Executive Vice President, QCSS, Inc.

"SIPA conferences are always inspiring and educational with real-life in the trenches advice from a variety of dynamic people." – Judy Doherty, Publisher, Food and Health Communications

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Dutch Treat Dinner

Pitty Pat’s Porch
25 Andrew Young International Boulevard
Atlanta, GA 30303

Join us for this networking dinner at Pittypat's Porch to mix and mingle with attendees in an informal setting prior to the conference. RSVP to Nevena Jovanovic at


6:30P.M. - 9:00P.M.

Dutch Treat Dinner

Pitty Pat’s Porch
25 Andrew Young International Boulevard
Atlanta, GA 30303

Join us for this networking dinner at Pittypat's Porch to mix and mingle with attendees in an informal setting prior to the conference. RSVP to Nevena Jovanovic at


8:00A.M. - 8:45A.M.

Registration and Networking Breakfast

8:45A.M. - 9:00A.M.

Welcome & Opening Remarks

9:00A.M. - 9:30A.M.

Updating Your Website: Build or Buy? How You Can Balance Power, Simplicity and Cost | Slides

You know your website is falling slowly out of date, and you’re sacrificing performance—and revenue—because of it. Should you build a new platform from scratch based on open-source software—which will give you the ultimate customized solution (at a cost almost impossible to estimate in advance)? Or should you work with one of the handful of “ready-made” content website solutions, using a vendor with a large installed base, lots of experience, (more-or-less) predictable costs—and become captive to an inflexible architecture and years and years of (seemingly) unending service fees? This session will provide you with a clear process to follow, tell you how to purchase technology solutions more effectively, and give you a simple tool to evaluate which technology approach is best for you.

9:35A.M. - 10:05A.M.

Disruptive Website Strategy: Outstanding Publishing Websites We Can Learn From | Slides

Take a tour of the most progressive websites in our industry, with an emphasis on progressive new techniques—in design, traffic, conversions and sales—that are breaking new ground and new performance records. Discover also the problems these content publishers were trying to solve, as well as strategies and technologies they used to take their websites to the forefront of web development.

  • Greg Krehbiel, Director of Marketing Operations, Kiplinger Washington Editors, Inc.

10:10A.M. - 10:55A.M.

Lead-Generation Campaigns that Attract, Engage, and Convert Website Visitors | Slides M Johnson | Slides J Jue

When designing their websites, most content companies focus first on creating a presentation for their products, second on functionality and third on their look and feel. But most web gurus tell us our first priority should be to attract visitors and our second should be to offer content that helps capture names and email addresses—then nurture relationships with those conversions to transform them into bona fide sales leads. Converting website traffic, engaging visitors, and increasing active contacts are some of today’s biggest marketing challenges. Learn how Penton’s Design Engineering and Sourcing Group met this challenge by using a five-week tournament focused on the best engineering education program to engage users/subscribers, prospects and engineering students from universities across the United States. Also learn about an exciting new technology that allows you to identify website visitors by their company name, then instantly provide them highly targeted, customized content to increase your chances of converting them.

10:55A.M. - 11:10A.M.

Networking Break

11:25A.M. - 12:10P.M.

Promoting Website Traffic: Tools and Techniques for Attracting More Visitors | Slides

It’s hard to get prospects to give you their email addresses or purchase your products if they don’t visit your website. What techniques are working best—most effectively and cost-efficiently—to drive traffic to your website? This session will help you evaluate the practicality and efficacy of organic search (SEO), press releases, blogs and email, among others . . .. then put them to work.

  • Kim Mateus, EVP & Client Success Group Leader, Mequoda Systems, LLC

12:10P.M. - 1:10P.M.

Networking Lunch

1:10P.M. - 1:55P.M.

Advanced Content Strategies for Websites: How to Deliver Paid and Unpaid Content to Please Customers and Visitors | Slides

Most publishers are awash in content, but aren’t sure of how to distribute it as profitably as possible. What should you offer for free—and what should you demand in return, if anything? For which content should you require payment—and how should you dispense that content (e.g., PDF, online access with no possession, subscription vs. one-shots?) How does a content paywall affect traffic driven from search engines and social media? Learn how to sort through your opportunities and options, then apply proven strategies that give you a clear path forward.

2:00P.M. - 2:45P.M.

Revolutionary New Tools for Tracking Website Visitors and Turning Them into Customers | Slides

Tens of thousands of people are visiting your website—scanning your products, reading your content—but you have no idea who they are, which visitors are already your customers, how many times they’ve visited or how to convert the newcomers. But what if you could track those people according to their behavior, creating a custom marketing campaign—automated triggers—that makes a tailored experience for them every time they visit your site? Your conversions would skyrocket. Learn about the next generation intelligent data gathering and marketing automation from two companies that are putting these revolutionary tools to work.

  • Dennis O'Brien, Vice President of Sales & Marketing - Healthcare, Simplify Compliance John Roney, President, Advanced Insight

2:45P.M. - 3:15P.M.

Networking Break

3:15P.M. - 4:00P.M.

How to Build Compelling Landing Pages that Sell Products | Slides

Once you’ve enticed a prospect to visit your product landing page—via email, press release, or snappy home-page copy—how do you actually make the sale . . . or attract a demo or a trial subscription? What are the elements today that make a successful landing page, from headline and copy to illustrations and placement of the order form and call to action. Learn what’s new and what’s working from marketers whose websites provide them a laboratory for discovering the answers.

4:05P.M. - 4:50P.M.

Website Widgets, Apps and Techniques for Supercharging Conversions and Sales| Slides

If you haven't overhauled your website or website operations lately, you'll be amazed at how many new tools can save you time, increase engagement and conversions, and boost sales. Best of all, these techniques reduce your costs and make your life so much easier. Learn about eight cool, best-in-class tools publishers can use to improve visitors' experience, snag their attention, develop a relationship and make more of them proud owners of your information services.

4:50P.M. - 5:00P.M.

Closing Remarks

6:30P.M. - 9:00P.M.

Dutch Treat Dinner

Max Lager's Wood-Fired Grill & Brewery
320 Peachtree St NE
Atlanta, GA 30308