SIPA’s Webinar on Global Niche Opportunities and Content Strategies for Information 4.0

Discover how World Textile Information Network converted their business model from one of a national publisher to a global information provider, flipped their revenue mix from predominantly advertising to mainly subscriptions and invested in new products that moved them from Information 1.0 to Information 4.0.

Gain insight into the pathway to developing successful revenue streams based on delivering intelligence that relies on four key pillars:

  • People
  • Content
  • Technology
  • Access

Join us on March 20 at 11:00 AM ET for SIPA’s Webinar on Global Niche Opportunities and Content Strategies for Information 4.0 and start developing your road map to transformative content delivery. 


Mark Jarvis Mark Jarvis, Managing Director, World Textile Information Network
Mark Jarvis is managing director of World Textile Information Network (WTiN), a UK based information provider, where he has leveraged his experience in the media & technology to fundamentally change its business model. World Textile Information Network Ltd (WTiN) provides specialist insight and data-driven intelligence to businesses in the Textile & Apparel value chain, enabling them to make better decisions faster and gain competitive advantage. Primary focus are the high growth markets of materials innovation, industry digitalisation and technical textiles. WTiN products are subscription based, with most delivered digitally, leveraging the latest technology to maximise user discoverability. WTiN also organises the multi-stream Innovate Textile & Apparel conferences each year in Europe, the USA & Asia, delivers bespoke consulting projects and publishes a range of journals and reports.