SIPA's Webinar on Marketing Essentials: KPIs and Low-Cost Tools for Successful Practitioners

Do you want to cut to the chase and know exactly which KPIs and technologies successful marketers use to run their businesses right now? Join us on August 29 and gain insight into the key marketing metrics two marketers use to monitor and drive their business’ marketing strategies and processes.

From conversion rates to social media engagement and lifetime value...from open rates and retention rates to revenue per (what to measure—per paid subscriber, free email subscriber or employee?), here’s your chance to learn which KPIs are essential for you to measure and act upon that drive revenue and growth and which ones are distractions. 

Also, discover which tools, technologies and resources these experienced marketers use that yield an immense return in audience insights, efficiency and conversion and won’t break the bank.


Linda Vassily, VP of Marketing, Cabot Heritage
Linda is Vice President of Marketing at Cabot Investing Advice in Salem, Massachusetts, one of the oldest and most respected independent investment advisory services in the U.S. Prior to joining Cabot in 2012, Linda served four years as marketing director for United States Biological and 18 years at New England BioLabs, first as a product manager, then as part of the web development team. Linda graduated from MIT with a degree in life sciences.

Greg Hart, Director of Marketing, PSMJ Resources, Inc.
Greg is the Director of Marketing for PSMJ’s global publishing, training, and consulting operations. In this role, Greg is responsible for developing the company’s overarching marketing and sales strategies to reach revenue targets for each business unit. He oversees the company’s content marketing program and manages the content development, marketing analytics, and sales resources for PSMJ. PSMJ Resources is worldwide leader in business information products and services for the architecture, engineering, and construction industry.

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