SIIA Releases 2015 Vision K-20 Educator Survey Report

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SIIA Releases 2015 Vision K-20 Educator Survey Report
Findings include an increasing use of data and need for technology in K-20 educational institutions


Washington, DC (June 30, 2015) – The Education Technology Industry Network (ETIN) of SIIA today released the 2015 Vision K-20 Survey Report, its eighth annual national survey measuring U.S. educational institutions’ self-reported progress toward technology and e-learning adoption. The findings were released at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference. The survey finds that K-20 education institutions are making slow but steady progress toward reaching their instructional and operational goals through the use of technology, including increased use of student data.


“ETIN’s Vision K-20 and accompanying survey has for eight years helped educators and administrators both to understand what education can be when infused with technology and to benchmark their progress toward that vision,” said Karen Billings, vice president and managing director of the ETIN. “SIIA is encouraged that the nation’s teachers and education leaders demonstrate not only increasing interest in the use of software applications, digital content, electronic data systems and related technologies, but also sustained progress in their use of those technologies to improve their practices to support student learning.”


Key findings from this year’s report about the use of student data include:

·         Use of technology to manage student data has increased

·         Educators utilize electronic data most often to track student performance and improve instruction

·         More training and access is desired by educators to support their use of individual student data


Key findings from this year’s report about technology integration include that K-12 education needs:

·         More continuous access to adequate bandwidth

·         Increased educator access to the level of technology resources common to other professionals

·         Better educator access to the level of technology training common to other professionals


The Vision K-20 Survey is an annual online self-assessment of 33 benchmarks representing the Vision’s seven instructional and institutional goals enabled through technology and e-learning. The Survey was completed by over 1000 instructors and administrators from K-12 and postsecondary institutions and agencies.


SIIA appreciates the work of many partners in the development, deployment and reporting of the survey. ETIN appreciates the efforts of, MDR and MCH in deploying the survey to their education communities. SIIA also thanks its lead partner, MMS Education, for its work on the Vision K-20 Survey data analysis and report.


To view the Executive Summary of the 2015 Vision K-20 Survey Report, visit  The full report will be made available in early July.


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