2018 EXCEL Awards: Your Hard Work Deserves Recognition

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Whether you're looking to catapult your career or simply enjoy the fruits of your labors, entry in the 2018 EXCEL Awards competition brings the recognition and exposure you seek.

The EXCEL Awards recognize excellence and leadership in nonprofit association media, publishing, marketing and communications. The competition is open to nonprofit organizations and for-profit industry service partners submitting on behalf of association clients, regardless of whether they are members of Association Media & Publishing to enter.

Get inspired by the stories behind of 2017's winners.


Silver and Bronze DIGITAL MEDIA: Podcast

"The financial services profession is a relationship business. While much can be gained from reading insights from members, it is a different experience to listen to stories and lessons directly from them, in their own voice. The MDRT Podcast allows members to hear their colleagues’ successes and challenges, collected in a setting where members can not only interact with MDRT staff but with each other.”

Matt Pais, Content Specialist
Million Dollar Round Table, “MDRT Podcast


Silver DIGITAL MEDIA: Blog - Blog Post

“As with most of our blog posts, this one was inspired by a study that examined medical student attitudes toward cost-conscious care. This topic doesn’t come up very often in the pages of our journal, but it touches everyone. As our health care system continues to evolve and health care costs continue to rise, this topic also is particularly timely. One of the study authors, who graciously crafted this award-winning piece, she shared her personal story which hadn’t been part of the article she wrote for Academic Medicine but was an experience medical and non-medical readers alike could relate to.”

Toni Gallo and Heather Grimm, two Academic Medicine staff editors, and Laura Blyton, the journal’s editorial coordinator
Association of American Medical Colleges, “AM Rounds: Beyond the Pages of Academic Medicine


Gold MAGAZINES: Design Excellence

“The NACS Magazine editorial team encourages the Bates Creative team to push the creative envelope for the NACS Magazine design across channels. That freedom always inspires our designers to explore how they can pair content with memorable design through out-of-the-box methods."

Debbie Bates-Schrott, president and CEO; Ernie Achenbach, vice president of creative; Jennifer Fose, art director; Taryn Taltavull, account director; Emily Biondo, senior designer; Cecile Jordan, senior designer; and Joey Vivacqua, designer.
Bates Creative on behalf of NACS: The Association for Convenience & Fuel Retailing, NACS: The Association for Convenience & Fuel Retailing


“For nearly 100 years, AMC’s White Mountain Professional Trail Crew have built and maintained hundreds of miles of hiking trails leading to some of the most iconic landmarks in the Northeast. To this end, I wanted to highlight the crew’s inspiring history and talents in building technical trails in challenging environments.”

Ryan Smith, videographer
Appalachian Mountain Club, “AMC’s White Mountain Professional Trail Crew

Silver MAGAZINES: Feature Article (50,001 - 100,000)

“Several internal auditors who work at our association, The Institute of Internal Auditors, sat down, brainstormed the characteristics of toxic leaders in organizations, and came up with a list of seven types: The Autocrat, the Closed-Minded, the Manipulator, the Secretive, the Deflector, the Intimidator, and the Improperly Focused. We then gave a freelance writer the list and asked her to interview chief audit executives about their experiences with these types of leaders. It was a real group effort.”

Tim McCollum, associate managing editor
Institute of Internal Auditors, Internal Auditor, “Toxic Leaders, Toxic Culture”


Gold MAGAZINES: Feature Article (10,000 or fewer)

“Face transplantation is a fascinating topic that was initially a topic of science fiction and now is a life-changing reality for those in need — including those who’ve suffered horrific burns, trauma, or disease. It’s been interesting to see how public and medical attitudes toward the procedure have changed in just 10 years.”

Mike Stokes, Plastic Surgery News managing editor
American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Plastic Surgery News, “A Decade of Facial Transplantation: Lessons Learned and what Lies Ahead”