associationNation New Episode: The Power of Public Content for Associations

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In the newest episode of associationNation, which is available now, Jaime Andriopoulos, vice president of client strategy for Imagination, asks how associations can make the most of changing their messages and tactics when their target audience is the public, not members.

“If associations can tell stories that elevate their profession or industry in the public’s eyes, it’s a win,” Andriopoulos says. “If you can share knowledge that leads the public to recognize the value of what you and your members provide, even better.”

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To dig into the topic, Andriopoulos spoke with Jon Torrey, executive director of Think About Your Eyes, a public-facing campaign that stresses the need for and value of comprehensive eye exams and other eye care, and Deirdre Middleton, director of strategy and advocacy communications for the American Optometric Association, a partner in TAYE whose members ultimately provide that eye care.

The two organizations partnered to spread the message about the importance of regular eye exams. Middleton says one of the keys to their success has been focusing on a simple message and then telling it and using it in many different ways to give it dimension. “Often times, we try to tell such a big story that it’s so complex,” Middleton says. “Really taking it down to one simple piece of information and then building around it is the key to success.”

Part of building around that message was ensuring that AOA’s members could use and spread the message as a way to amplify its impact. “It’s a very simple story that we’re putting out there, but we’re putting it out there in a million different ways,” Torrey says. “By virtue of that, we’ve been able to work with and on behalf of all our different partners to get their support, maintain their support.”

The Association Media & Publishing podcast series, created and produced by Imagination, offers associations insights that help to shape the future of the industry through a content marketing lens. The show focuses on practical topics that are useful in day-to-day work.

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