associationNation New Episode: How to Make the Email Workhorse Work For You

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It’s easy to get lost in the mix, but done correctly, email can be a powerful tool to reach your members.

If members see themselves and their needs reflected in their inbox, they’ll click on your email. So how do you make sure your emails are getting the job done?

In the newest episode of associationNation, which is available now, Jaime Andriopoulos, vice president of client strategy for Imagination, talks about strategies to “Ride the Email Workhorse.”

“Email is still everywhere all the time. Maybe it’s not as shiny or sexy as social. Perhaps it’s not as intriguing as the latest paid distribution strategy, but guess what? Email still matters, especially when you do it right,” Andriopoulos says. “It can be your workhorse, but only if you feed and groom it properly.

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To tackle the topic, Andriopoulos spoke with Geoff Bartakovics, co-founder and CEO of Tasting Table, a website and newsletter for culinary enthusiasts, and Chris Blose, vice president of content at Imagination.

Bartakovics says Tasting Table began as a daily email. Through its growing success, the team now publishes content on just about every digital medium. But email is still one of its most important facets.

“Someone who has raised their hand and said, ‘I want you to send me emails every workday … is someone who is interested. Even if they don’t open every one, they want to think about you every day,” Bartakovics says. That level of engagement far outweighs someone who found Tasting Table on Google.

But that increased engagement has to be nurtured with thoughtful and useful content. Check out associationNation for more from Bartakovics and Blose.

The Association Media & Publishing podcast series, created and produced by Imagination, offers associations insights that are helping to shape the future of the industry through a content marketing lens. The show focuses on practical topics that are useful in day-to-day work.

If you have feedback or ideas for future topics, Andriopoulous would love to hear from you at

In August, Andriopoulous will take a closer look at the youth movement in associations, specifically what your members, prospective members, and team members under the age of 35 can teach you about being future-proof.

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