AM&P Annual Meeting: New Alumni Track Showcases Actionable Advice for All

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The AM&P Annual Meeting is packed full of opportunities to grow and learn from experts in the association publishing world. This year, among the three keynotes and 21 breakout sessions, is the brand-new Alumni Publishing track sponsored by Lane Press. In addition to the benefits for the target audience, all association professionals stand to learn quite a bit from these sessions, which include:

  • Resourceful Art Direction Ideas to Stretch Your Budget
  • Fast-Paced News, Slow Magazine: How to Cover Current Events While Avoiding the Echo Chamber and Advancing Your Brand
  • Get Real or Go Home (Get Realistic About Publishing a Real Magazine That Can Compete on the Nightstand.)
  • Editorial Planning Made Easy (or at Least Easier) — A Guide to Anchor Pages

For a little bit more about the alumni track, we spoke with Steve Marshall, marketing specialist at Lane Press.

Sidebar: What is so important about an alumni track?

Marshall: We chose to support an alumni track for several reasons. First and foremost, though, our goal is to provide attendees with valuable content that's immediately actionable. If we can influence the success of publishers in a positive way, then we've achieved that goal.

The idea really stemmed from the realization that, in many aspects, association and alumni publications aren't all that different. At their core, they're often both viewed and used as the voice of their organization. People look to these publications to hear what the association, college, or university has been working on, its take on current events, and many more topics. In the case of alumni associations, the similarities are even more numerous, including the challenges and intricacies associated with growing and retaining membership.

Sidebar: How do the needs of alumni publications differ from other associations?

Marshall: That's a tough question, because it often depends on the specific publication we're talking about.

The most noticeable difference to me seems to be on the revenue side of things. I've noticed a lot more association magazines that include advertising — some much more heavily than others — while it's pretty rare to see an alumni magazine with many or any advertisements come through our plant. That being said, alumni associations often run on a dues model similar to that of other associations — whereas many alumni publications work toward fundraising goals through donations instead.

Sidebar: What do you hope attendees get out of the alumni sessions?

Marshall: Attendees from alumni publications will benefit from hearing leaders in their space — practitioners, not talking heads — share stories of what they're doing that's working incredibly well and what might not be working so well.

Attendees from association publications will reap those same benefits as well as being able to learn and apply actionable tactics to their publications that are already successful for colleges and universities and may require little or no tweaking to work in an association environment. In my experience, some of the best ideas are often ones that are borrowed from another space and then adjusted to our own organizations and needs.

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AM&P 2017 Annual Meeting

June 26-28, 2017

DoubleTree Crystal City, Arlington, VA

Association Media & Publishing’s Annual Meeting is the only comprehensive event serving association communications and publishing needs. This year’s meeting will attract more than 400 leaders from premiere associations across the country. Join the brightest and most influential association professionals who convene each year to get the edge on the communication trends and marketing techniques of today and tomorrow.

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