Do You Know How to Find the Right Video Production Partner?

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Video is holding tight to its position as one of the most talked about trends in publishing and marketing. Organizations of all types are turning to video not only to cut through some of the overwhelming amounts of information we are bombarded with every day, but to also grow revenue and engagement.

In an ebook recently released by Walsworth — Finding the Right Video Production Partner for Your Organization — Don Leonard points out the impressive numbers associated with video and provides pointers to help your organization make the most of video.

“To say that video marketing is effective would be something of an understatement. In fact, recent studies indicate that video may be even more powerful as a communication technique than we initially realized,” writes Leonard, a sales training specialist for Walsworth.

Before getting too far in the video production process, it is crucial to clearly define what role video plays in your organization’s strategic and communication plans. Furthermore, what does success in video look like for you? It’s a mistake to create video just because a competitor is or because it’s popular.

To understand what your organization needs from a video and a production partner, you should first be able to answer these questions:

  • Is your primary goal to educate, increase revenue, or raise awareness?
  • Is increased member engagement a priority? How do you measure engagement?
  • Is it more important to increase website traffic or social media buzz?
  • Is generating revenue with premium content important?
  • Is this a tool in re-branding your organization?

With this blueprint in place, you can begin to look for the production partner that will be a perfect match. The right video partner should:

  • Understand your industry, objectives, and voice
  • Be able to explain which types of video are best for your goals
  • Use various video formats and platforms to meet your needs
  • Work within your budget
  • Explain what you need to spend, where the money is going, and gains you can expect

“In the end, it’s important for you to understand that success in terms of video production isn’t going to happen

overnight,” Leonard writes. “Simply putting a video online isn’t going to increase sign-ups the next day or drive more traffic to your website in a couple of hours. These things take time — which is why you need to continue to play an active, ongoing role with your video production partner moving forward.”

Get the ebook here.