associationNation: The Voices of Association Content Marketing

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In the newest episode of associationNation, Jaime Painter, vice president of client strategy for Imagination, speaks with attendees at AM&P’s 2018 Annual Meeting about the status of association media.

“One I thing I couldn’t help notice this year was an increase in focus on audiences we’re serving,” Painter says. “In talking about everything from legacy magazines to personalized emails programs, audience needs and means to understand audiences were at the core.”

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Justin Jacques, associate editor at Water Environment and Technology Magazine with the Water Environment Federation, says that, resources and budgets aside, developing an audience strategy is a main focus.

“As an organization, the biggest challenge we have is trying to figure out what works for all the different segments of our membership,” Jacques says. “For example, we have scientists. We have engineers. We have academics. We have people who really are in the field. We have all different age groups, all different backgrounds. It’s a lot to cover, but we have to provide content that’s relatable for everybody. I think a lot of people around here face the same problems.”

Other guests who share their take on association media include:

  1. Linda Busche, senior writer and editor for the National Restaurant Association
  2. Amy Suhajda, communications manager for National Association of Boards of Pharmacy
  3. Chris Okenka, assistant director of brand and creative for Turnaround Management Association
  4. Stephanie Holland, assistant director of advertising sales and marketing for American Chemical Society
  5. Seiche Sanders, editor-in-chief and publisher for ASQ, American Society for Quality
  6. Meg White, managing editor of REALTOR® Magazine
  7. Raj Mukhopadhyay, executive editor of C&EN Brand Lab
  8. Rachel Ledbetter, managing editor for National Science Teachers Association Press

associationNation is an Association Media & Publishing podcast series, created and produced by Imagination, that offers insights to help associations shape the future of the industry through a content marketing lens. The show focuses on practical topics that are useful in day-to-day work.

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