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Best Customer Relationship Management Solution

Recognizes the best software solution designed to expand a company's knowledge about, and relationship with, its current or potential customers and/or partners. Includes CRM, PRM, SFA, marketing automation, personalization products and services

Gagein for Salesforce 2.0 - GageIn

Gagein for Salesforce? seamlessly delivers all of Gagein�s proactive selling capabilities directly into Salesforce. Highly customizable using Salesforce controls, G4SF includes the ability to create leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities and tasks as well as providing administrative controls and enhanced management reporting including ROI tracking.
Gagein tracks over 2 million public and private US, Canadian, and International companies. With unlimited following, you can keep track of all your prospects.
Once Gagein has identified your high value prospects, it uses patent pending algorithms to predictively score and rank them based on sales potential.

Search Gagein to discover new prospects to follow. Create lists of companies and people based on filters like: sales triggers, keywords, industry, revenue, location, and more.

You�ve found your high value prospects and you know which ones to call and why; now Gagein does your pre-call homework for you by providing company, personnel and competitive information, plus social connections for each of your prospects.

Admin Controls & Reports
Gagein provides user activity reports and performance stats plus Gagein reporting tracks Gagein generated leads through opportunities and bookings, enabling ROI reporting.

Our free Gagein Mobile to ensure you never miss an opportunity. Receive real-time news alerts wherever you are, conduct last minute research or engage in social selling while on the go.

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  • Additional information can be found online at:

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    Get Satisfaction Community Platform - Get Satisfaction

    Get Satisfaction, which was recently acquired by Spinklr, provides an online community platform connecting companies with customers across digital channels.

    Companies of all sizes and industries (from Intuit, Kellogg's and P&G to Sonos, HootSuite and SugarCRM) rely on Get Satisfaction to deliver online communities that modernize customer support, accelerate sales, differentiate their brand and inspire new innovations.

    Our community platform connects millions of consumers to thousands of brands to promote online conversations about products and services.

    Helping Companies
    o Provide better and lower-cost customer support through peer-to-peer engagement
    o Collect ideas and test products to drive faster innovation
    o Engage with customers at scale

    Helping Their Customers
    o Get fast answers to problems in a self-serve model
    o Connect with peers to share ideas and answer questions
    o Get feedback quickly

    Our online community platform is renowned for its ease of use and lowest TCO. We have a proven customer success model that takes companies through planning and the successful launch of their community. Companies can be up and running within a few days. Our customers say that their communities are mission-critical to the success of their support and service delivery.

    We provide integration connectors for business apps and websites such as Facebook, Hootsuite, Marketo, Salesforce, Yammer.

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  • Additional information can be found online at:

    Get Satisfaction Logo

    TopOPPS Product Suite - TopOPPS

    TopOPPS is a leader in the emerging category of sales predictability and analytics solutions. Built with the psychology of the sales representative in mind, TopOPPS provides sales reps with an easy to use product on their mobile, desktop and tablet devices.

    Installation into your CRM is a quick and easy, consisting of ten clicks and is finished under ten minutes. With machine learning and intelligent analytics, TopOPPS ensures your deals will move through your pipeline faster because it manages the 3 components of any sales process.

    Identifying the relevant stages and milestones for your opportunities is paramount in order to get the deals in your pipeline to close faster. Understanding the importance that check-ins have in creating and maintaining momentum for an opportunity will also help close more deals.

    Alerts and filters ensure that sales reps enter all the information about your deals in detail and in real time. By having stronger information, TopOPPS gives you a risk analysis on your current pipeline so that you are confident that you have an accurate forecast.

    A great sales process is constantly developing and changing. Intelligent sales analytics in TopOPPS gives you a comprehensive view of your pipeline’s history through a variety of reports, so you will always know where you win and where you need improvement.

    TopOPPS gives your sales team the ability to operate in real time so that you can be proactive in keeping deals from falling through your pipeline and be able to predict which deals will close. With TopOPPS, you will get back your confidence to hit your number.

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  • Additional information can be found online at:

    TopOPPS Logo

    Totango - Totango

    Totango is the leader in Customer Success Management. We help SaaS vendors and online services take a data-driven approach to optimizing the customer experience, leading to churn reduction, maximum customer lifetime value, and higher trial conversion, product adoption and onboarding rates. By combining big data analytics with segmentation and predictive tools, the Totango platform pairs contextual customer behavior with traditional CRM transactional data in order to deliver actionable insights that drive customer success. As businesses move to the cloud and the subscription-based model, the relationship between customers and companies has shifted dramatically, from human interactions to digital in-app ones, opening a new way to understand customers, ensure their happiness, and maximize revenue. Traditional CRMs, with their focus on transactional data, don't offer this kind of understanding. Totango is different from other Customer Success solutions in that it is sensor-based, collects real-time engagement data, and identifies and monitors leading indicators of customer health. With the Totango Health Score, companies generate crucial insights - by account and also at the individual user and departmental levels - that ultimately drive maximum Customer Success. The solution also offers a versatile (and constantly expanding) suite of integrations, including a portfolio management integration within Salesforce.

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  • Additional information can be found online at:

    CODiE Winner 
    Totango Logo

    Velocify for Salesforce - Velocify, Inc

    Velocify's newest application, Velocify for Salesforce is designed to optimize selling speed and discipline, and improve sales team performance, ultimately generating more revenue. Velocify extends the value of Salesforce Sales Cloud by integrating high-velocity selling features that drive rapid lead response, more productive daily sales rep activity, consistent selling practices, and faster ramp-time. Top benefits include:
    - Accelerated selling speed
    - More consistent sales practices
    - Improved team effectiveness & productivity
    - No more leads falling through the cracks
    - More opportunities and revenue

    Velocify for Salesforce drives high-velocity selling in the Sales Cloud, enabling sales teams to respond rapidly to leads, easily follow a desired sales process, stay on top of priority prospects throughout the day, engage with more prospects, and spend more time selling. Meanwhile, sales management has tighter control over lead assignment and reassignment, selling processes, prioritization of daily activities, and more granular visibility into their team's performance. Unique features include:
    - Dynamic Distribution
    - Automated Guided Selling
    - Intelligent Activity Prioritization
    - Integrated Sales Dialer with next call and local presence
    - Funnel Insights
    - Configuration Console

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  • Additional information can be found online at:

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