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Best Enterprise Mobile Application

Recognizes the best enterprise application or service designed for use on mobile devices. This includes sales, marketing, logistics, HR, CRM, accounting, etc.

AirWatch Secure Content Locker - AirWatch

AirWatch® Secure Content Locker® enables secure, reliable mobile access in the cloud. AirWatch Secure Content Locker protects sensitive content in a corporate container and provides users with a central application to securely access, store, update and distribute the latest documents from their mobile devices. With flexible content storage, enterprise-grade encryption, data loss prevention, built-in file syncing and sharing and document editing, AirWatch Secure Content Locker maintains a protected, agile environment for content management and collaboration. Administrators also gain control over who receives content according to customizable role-based access, ensuring the right employees have access to content. AirWatch Secure Content Locker can scale to support 10 to more than 100,000 devices, providing businesses the freedom to grow without a lapse in mobility management. AirWatch Secure Content Locker seamlessly integrates with over 33 content repositories, including Microsoft SharePoint and Google Drive, ensuring businesses can use existing infrastructure while protecting content. Document changes are synced to the solution automatically from mobile devices and laptops, ensuring important information is backed up, secure and accessible on-the-go. Administrators can manage all content and view content status through a single Web-based console; likewise, users can upload, back up and configure sharing restrictions for their own content through the Self-Service Portal.

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    CODiE Winner

    globalVCard Spend Secure - CSI globalVCard

    While CSI globalVCard is a long-standing player in the corporate payments space, one thing that has never changed in our 25 year history is our ability to not only envision 'what's next,' but also to execute upon that vision and bring revolutionary new products to market.

    globalVCard Spend Secure fills a long-awaited market need for a secure, mobile payments suitable for the enterprise. This solution combines the security of virtual credit cards, our traditional MasterCard corporate purchasing card and an innovative mobile app to provide businesses with a powerful credit card management platform that provides complete control from their mobile device.

    The first B2B mobile payment app of its kind, globalVCard Spend Secure enables businesses to ensure that employees 'spend securely' while maintaining complete control over both CSI-issued plastic and virtual credit cards. Key features include the ability to create secure virtual cards instantly, control employee plastic purchasing cards through mobile, adjust spending limits or authorize/block cards in real-time. This powerful mobile app improves security, provides rich data reporting that enterprises need, delivers cash back rewards based on monthly spend, and it's absolutely free.

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  • Additional information can be found online at:

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    Ensighten Mobile "No-SDK" Approach - Ensighten

    Mobile app development is expensive and time consuming for enterprises. After a developer creates an app and submits it to the app store, digital marketers need tools to continuously optimize the app. They need to collect data on how visitors are interacting with the app in order to optimize the app to increase its use and ROI.

    Installing analytics in mobile apps is a challenge. Developers have to �bake� analytics into the app by �tagging� any area of the app that digital marketers want to track before its compiled. With this method, anytime marketers want to track any new data, the app must be recompiled, re-submitted to the corresponding app store for approval, and once approved wait for consumers to download the updated app. This is a very long process, particularly for marketers operating in a very competitive. Additionally, doing this means that mobile analytics are not fully-integrated with web analytics so digital marketers cannot get a holistic view of visitor data.

    Ensighten Mobile addresses both of these problems by providing enterprises with in-app tracking and optimization, and unified cross-channel insight. Ensighten Mobile integrates the analytics tool with other website data management tools. This creates a unified view of visitor data � improving data completeness and accuracy across devices and formats.

    With Ensighten Mobile, enterprises can make on-the-fly updates and tracking changes without recompiling the app, which eliminates the need to resubmit the app for approval. The result of this new-found marketing agility is that mobile marketers can finally drive significant mobile ROI .

    Ensighten achieves this by eliminating the need to use a software development kit (SDK), meaning that tracking changes operate outside of the confines of the app. To make this possible, Ensighten provides developers with a URL to a library file, so apps are only compiled one time.

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  • Additional information can be found online at:

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    GMC Inspire Dynamic Statement - GMC Software Technology

    Using the next generation of customer communications, GMC Inspire Dynamic Statement is an interactive, digital customer communication that delivers intuitive charts, graphs and other graphical representations of customer financial, insurance or health information. The rich, user-friendly functionality of Inspire Dynamic Statement allows customers to drill down to a granular level of detail and have highly relevant, personalized views with just a few clicks. Financial institutions, insurers and healthcare organizations can use Inspire Dynamic Statement to provide deep interactive capabilities, a higher level of personalization, accessibility online or offline and multichannel delivery options. Meeting the needs of an ever-increasing mobile population, these next generation communications can be viewed on any PC, tablet, smartphone or other mobile Android or iOS device, bringing personalization to responsive design.
    This application offers enterprises a number of never-before capabilities that include: The ability to track customers� clicks and views, providing valuable insight into a customer�s interests and needs; the ability to use this data to present relevant, personalized offers and messages to clients�including videos�to closely target new products and services and build stronger relationships; the ability to interact with customers through personalized surveys and live chats, incorporated into the dynamic statements.

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  • Additional information can be found online at:

    Good Work - Good Technology, Inc.

    Good Work is an enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution that offers business-class collaboration, industry-leading security, and mobile-optimized performance. Good Work can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise, ensuring a flexible and secure working experience to businesses of all sizes that want to mobilize employees, customers and partners. Built on Good’s flagship Good Dynamics platform, Good Work consolidates all business-relevant information – emails, calendars, messaging, documents and contacts – into one place, significantly improving worker productivity. Furthermore, the app’s ability to separate business data from personal apps means users have constant security across devices and OS versions, without compromising privacy with intrusive capabilities such as geo-location. And in the event a device is lost or stolen, business data can be wiped or locked without impacting personal information, ensuring corporate security at all levels. As more personal devices and tablets enter the workforce, and BYOD trends continue to increase, delivering a great user experience without impacting security is quickly becoming the biggest concern for IT departments. By offering heightened security in the cloud and on-premises, Good Work eliminates these concerns, providing a productive yet secure work environment.

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  • Additional information can be found online at:

    fliQ - iQ media

    Streamlined organic video.

    fliQ is a full service video marketing platform. Our white-label mobile application allows users to upload, edit, publish and analyze exclusive, organic video.

    Employees and consumers can create organic video that is uploaded directly to iQ media infrastructure for secure analysis.

    Please view our product page for more information.

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