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Best Integration Solution

Recognizes the best solution designed to integrate disparate applications, operating systems, data, and/or business processes used within an organization in order to simplify and automate their use and eliminate silos of information and functionality.

Anzo Smart Data Integration - Cambridge Semantics

A typical data integration process between a source and target system requires multiple steps:

� Experts in the two systems capture mapping and transformation specifications, often in excel
� A team of developers manually create the ETL code to execute this specification
� Yet another team tests and deploys the ETL job
This process is slow, expensive and error prone and data provenance and business meaning are often lost.

Anzo Smart Data Integration (ASDI) provides a semantic model-driven approach to data integration that eliminates code development and puts the business in control. ASDI provides a set of tools that allow business and IT analysts to easily map source and target systems to a common model. These maps can be combined to create end-to-end job descriptions from which ASDI can automatically generate ETL jobs for leading third party tools.

By mapping to a common model, each system needs to be mapped just once and requires only an expert in that system. By automatically generating ETL, ASDI reduces hand-offs and eliminates manual coding, reducing time, cost and errors up to 10x. Because ASDI uses semantic models that are always up-to-date, data provenance is also easily accessible through a friendly business interface.

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    Informatica Cloud - Informatica Corporation

    Informatica Cloud has a cost-effective, easy to deploy solution for advanced cloud integration covering real-time and batch use cases, data management for master data management (MDM), data quality, a complete API framework, and 100s of pre-packaged connectors and business integration templates. Supports the broadest range of enterprise systems and SaaS applications with hundreds of connectors (http://infa.media/1wD0ey0), including on-premise apps, SaaS apps, relational and NoSQL databases, and Big Data and social sources such as Hadoop, Salesforce, Workday, Twitter, LinkedIn, SAP, Oracle E-Business and more. The Informatica Cloud designer provides ease of use for both business and technical users with a wizard interface enabling rapid deployment in hours instead of weeks. Comprehensive portfolio of integration services such as cloud application orchestration, data integration, process automation, human-centric workflows, master data management, test data management, and data quality. Supports mobile integration patterns for leading mobile devices. Informatica Cloud's iPaaS enables end-to-end support for connectivity to a company's internal or external APIs as well as a full set of REST APIs for embeddability into any application. The framework provides robust capabilities for API definition, creation, and consumption. Integrations can be deployed on-premise, on virtual infrastructure such as Amazon Web Services, or in the cloud.

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  • Additional information can be found online at:

    CODiE Winner 
    Informatica Corporation Logo

    www.jitterbit.com - Jitterbit

    Jitterbit's Harmony cloud integration platform enables businesses to seamlessly connect any cloud, mobile and on-premise applications. Jitterbit Harmony is the only Cloud integration offering built on a single, unified platform that supports end-to-end design, deployment and management. Designed for the non-developer, Harmony provides complete integration lifecycle management and offers pre-built connectors to quickly integrate hundreds of applications. The platform can be run 100% on the cloud, on-premise or a hybrid of the two, providing organizations with a solution that can be tailored to their business needs. Harmony offers enterprise scale and reliability to meet real-time process integration requirements with guaranteed message delivery.

    Jitterbit has over 50,000 customers using its integration technology with brand names including Bayer, Virgin, NBC Universal, Home Depot, Shell, Skullcandy and Sunkist.

    Key Features
    - Connect any on-premise, cloud, or social/mobile app
    - Publish Open APIs for internal and external consumption
    - Automate common business processes between the front and back office
    - Harmonize your data from multiple enterprise systems for advanced business analytics
    - Gain real-time visibility by integrating ERP with CRM, supply chain, procurement, business intelligence apps, and more

    Key Benefits:
    - Run 100% in the Cloud, On-Premise or a Hybrid deployment
    - Get started integrating in minutes with the free 30-day trial

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  • Additional information can be found online at:

    Jitterbit Logo

    MuleSoft Anypoint Platform™ - MuleSoft

    Digital business initiatives are driving new requirements for application and data integration. To help organizations meet these demands, MuleSoft provides an integration platform for connecting any application, data source or API, whether in the cloud or on-premises. With MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform™, MuleSoft delivers a complete integration experience built on proven open source technology, eliminating the pain and cost of point-to-point integration. Anypoint Platform includes CloudHub™ iPaaS, Mule ESB™, and a unified solution for API management, design and publishing. The Anypoint Platform May 2014 release provides a faster, easier way to deliver data to business applications, whether they are event-driven, real-time data or batch data. Bringing together MuleSoft’s leading application integration technology with powerful data integration capabilities, Anypoint Platform enables customers to be successful at all stages along the continuum of integration from point-to-point data sync to service orchestration to API management. New release features include: Integrated batch capabilities: Move millions of records between applications or data sources with fast, reliable tooling Anypoint Templates for Salesforce: Accelerate time to value with solutions built to address the most common Salesforce integration use cases Increased developer productivity for data integration with Anypoint Studio (formerly Mule Studio) Meets or exceeds the highest industry and regulatory standards, including SSAE16 SOC2 and support for FIPS compliance

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  • Red Hat JBoss Fuse 6.1 - Red Hat, Inc.

    Rising pressure from the nexus of forces – mobile devices, cloud services, social technologies, and big data – continue to expand the strategic importance of integration in the enterprise. As the Internet-of-Things moves into the mainstream, IT environments will become even more distributed and diverse. JBoss Fuse is well-suited to help organizations overcome the integration challenges that arise out of these forces and be more competitive in this new world. By simplifying integration and providing consistent, reliable, and highly interoperable connections to all facets of the enterprise, JBoss Fuse helps companies unlock the value of existing assets and enable faster innovation. JBoss Fuse harnesses the power of enterprise-grade open source to provide integration to, from, and within the cloud. The product includes a pattern-based integration framework, allows for dynamic configuration and management while the container or ESB is running, and provides numerous connectivity options to ensure integration with all facets of the business. JBoss Fuse combines core ESB capabilities, including Apache Camel, an implementation of the popular Enterprise Integration Patterns framework, Apache CXF services framework, and Apache ActiveMQ, which provides a powerful messaging server, with Apache Karaf, a lightweight container for application and component deployment—all in a single distribution.

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