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Best Business Intelligence/Analytics Solution

Recognizes the application or service that best facilitates analysis of data, research, and/or competitive information, enabling business managers to make strategic decisions. Solutions may support reporting, online analytical processing, analytics, data mining, business performance management, benchmarking, text mining, and predictive analytics.

BeyondCore - BeyondCore

BeyondCore provides the only business intelligence and data analytics solution that delivers one-click analysis to identify critical insights in any size data set without the need to first formulate a hypothesis. With a single click, based on the user's unique data, BeyondCore finds the right questions, does the hard statistical analysis, predicts outcomes, performs what-if and scenario analysis, creates the presentations, and explains the results automatically for the user in just minutes, without any training required.

BeyondCore uses the same descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analysis techniques as a data scientist, but completely automates the process. The platforms analysis can uncover answers to questions you didn't even know to ask by using machine learning and automation to spot correlations and trends. This capability empowers every business user with the power of advanced analytics to make smarter and faster business decisions.

Unlike traditional analytics tools and human analysis that can take days, weeks or months to explore just a few dozen patterns and variables, BeyondCore can automatically explore millions of variable combinations in just minutes, and immediately present the most important insights without human bias or error.
The solution has proven especially useful in analyzing healthcare, retail, manufacturing and financial data,

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    CODiE Winner 
    BeyondCore Logo

    iCharts - iCharts, Inc.

    iCharts is the unrivaled leader in Collaborative Visual Intelligence. �Our cloud based, Foresight Analytics Platform, empowers rapid visualization of complex business information, large scale research and dynamic data sets. �
    Our simple, easy to implement solutions empower users to rapidly create, distribute and collaborate via comprehensive dashboards, interactive reports and intuitive charts.
    Data Insights and Intelligence are rapidly distributed and disseminated, delivering knowledge and empowering decisions.

    Our platform supports the following use cases:

    iCharts | Cloud Enterprise: Robust visual analytics and reporting for Cloud-Based Enterprise Applications
    iCharts | Public: Real time, distributed, visualizations of data based content, research and information
    iCharts | Big Data: Enterprise grade visual analytics for analysts, financial professionals and power users.

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  • Additional information can be found online at:

    iCharts, Inc. Logo

    cliQ - iQ media

    Real-time big data analysis.

    cliQ makes it easy to immediately collect and share exclusive broadcast content surrounding your brand. Our industry-exclusive technology is the only platform that allows marketers to search for media mentions on the fly, in an archive of over 13 million hours of broadcast content that is never deleted.

    With such a deep well to draw from, cliQ also makes quick work of tracking what your competitors are doing on screen, and how that affects consumers, so that you can spend your time planning your next move.

    Please view our product page for more information and a short product video.

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    iQ media Logo

    Lattice Lead Prioritization App - Lattice Enginges

    Lattice predictive scoring optimizes the top of your revenue funnel by scoring leads and accounts based on every available buying signal.

    The predictive analytics application blends a lead's profile and behavioral information from marketing automation and CRM with thousands of additional attributes in the Lattice Data Cloud that could contain hidden buying signals. Whether it's the Web, internal data, or third party sources, Lattice predictive scoring discovers patterns in the data that a human simply could not.

    Machine learning creates a fingerprint of your ideal customer and identifies the predictive attributes that make a lead most likely to convert. Once this unique lead fingerprint is identified, it can then be used to score all your leads based on their likelihood to close and then write these scores back to marketing automation or CRM. With Lattice, you have the power to know which leads are most sales-ready and which need more nurturing, so Sales and Marketing can both do their jobs more effectively.

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  • Additional information can be found online at:

    Lattice Enginges Logo

    realSociable - realSociable

    Winners of the 2014 SIIA NextGen award for Most Disruptive technology, realSociable is a patent pending technology that aims to provide a solution to the challenges that B2B companies face with their sales and marketing engagement by turning big data into rich data. realSociable, a social prospecting platform, makes sense of all the research data on leads and prospects, found from various social media outlets, events, news, and other content to bite sized triggers that are tailored for the salesperson and the company.
    Our application holds the images of a sales sphere, giving customers a 360 degree view of their own funnel and each contact so they can build stronger relationships and be �always aware� of all relevant information that can impact the organization and its sales. The way we do this is by tapping into the open web to find data that is relevant to the sales person and their leads.

    realSociable helps discover:

    � Interconnected networks so you can get a deeper context by being mindful of common connections between you and your leads including any mutual colleagues
    � Lead Insights � so you can gain knowledge of your customer�s social footprints
    � Intention Signals � so you can anticipate the next steps of your leads to advance opportunities
    � Trigger Intelligence � so you can build alerts that matter to you that inspire the �brief window of opportunity� for advancing conversations
    � Competitive Intelligence � so you can be the first to know when specific conversations impact your sales cycle

    The realSociable platform focuses on Intent, Priority & Preparedness - giving a stronger ability to listen and build trusted relationships. 1 out of 3 users of realSociable within their first 7 days experience a new win or save an account - proving it's ROI.

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  • Additional information can be found online at:

    realSociable Logo

    Sisense 5.0 - Sisense

    SiSense 5.0 makes big data accessible to thousands of users across all platforms by enabling non-technical business users to easily join, analyze and visualize growing data sets from a multitude of structured and unstructured data sources. It�s the first analytics solution to enable non-technical users to analyze BILLIONS of records and build interactive dashboards and reports on any desktop, smartphone or tablet without the help of IT. SiSense 5 overcomes the limitations of mobile business analytics with a back-end that scales to terabytes of data, a completely rebuilt front-end, responsive design, and significantly enhanced visualizations. SiSense 5 is purpose built to encourage mass adoption of users and frequency of use. Other solutions cannot scale beyond a limited number of users and simultaneous queries. SiSense is able to succeed where others fail because its powerful back-end powered by its unique In-Chip technology (100x more data, 10x faster than In-Memory) can support mass adoption and scalability to terabytes of granular data. SiSense 5 requires no scripting or coding; enables mash-ups of multiple data sources in a proprietary centralized database; includes push notifications and powerful drill down capabilities; allows companies to funnel their growing data sets into one central point that users from the CEO down to the customer facing support team can log into any device and draw insight from big data in a timely manner.

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  • Additional information can be found online at:

    Sisense Logo

    ONESOURCE Tax Provision – Reporting & Analysis Functionality - Thomson Reuters

    Tax departments are historically considered cost centers but aspire to be centers of strategic business intelligence for their company. Unfortunately, most struggle with this due to the transparency of their data and because most spend their time collecting and organizing data leaving no time for analysis. To address these obstacles, Tax departments look to external resources to assist them reinforcing the stigma of being a cost center. ONESOURCE Tax Provision from Thomson Reuters is a comprehensive, patented tax provision solution that works the way global tax departments need it to work, enabling companies to transform data into critical financial reporting deliverables. Whether a company needs to automate their tax provision process to gain more efficiency and control, minimize errors to reduce risk, or enhance collaboration across departments with more data transparency, Thomson Reuters can help with the entire process of collecting, utilizing, and reporting data to compute the tax provision. ONESOURCE Tax Provision has a robust set of standard reports that tell you what happened during the period. With the release of ONESOURCE Tax Provision Analysis, ONESOURCE has augmented those reports by adding visualization that tells the story of the data. Analysis’ data visualizations helps ONESOURCE clients see what their data is telling them, how to allocate their resources and elevate their department’s strategic value to their company.

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