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Best Mobile Development Solution

Recognizes the best tool or resource for designing, creating or testing mobile applications. Includes programming language, toolkits, diagnostic programs, IDE, applet and plug-in development tools, database development programs, etc.

GMC Inspire Dynamic Statement - GMC Software Technology

Using the next generation of customer communications, GMC Inspire Dynamic Statement is an interactive, digital customer communication that delivers intuitive charts, graphs and other graphical representations of customer financial, insurance or health information. The rich, user-friendly functionality of Inspire Dynamic Statement allows customers to drill down to a granular level of detail and have highly relevant, personalized views with just a few clicks. Financial institutions, insurers and healthcare organizations can use Inspire Dynamic Statement to provide deep interactive capabilities, a higher level of personalization, accessibility online or offline and multichannel delivery options. Meeting the needs of an ever-increasing mobile population, these next generation communications can be viewed on any PC, tablet, smartphone or other mobile Android or iOS device, bringing personalization to responsive design.
This application offers enterprises a number of never-before capabilities that include: The ability to track customers� clicks and views, providing valuable insight into a customer�s interests and needs; the ability to use this data to present relevant, personalized offers and messages to clients�including videos�to closely target new products and services and build stronger relationships; the ability to interact with customers through personalized surveys and live chats, incorporated into the dynamic statements.

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    Fortify on Demand Mobile - Hewlett Packard Company (HP)

    HP Fortify on Demand is a managed application security testing service that allows any organization to test the security of applications quickly, accurately and affordably, without upfront investment of technology and resources. Test a few apps or a few hundred, the upload process is simplified with free automation tools like build server integration and IDE plug-ins for Visual Studio and Eclipse. And, with the quickest turnaround times to results (backed by contractual penalties), we won't slow development.

    Fortify on Demand meets the mobile security challenge head on with multiple levels of mobile testing and a centralized methodology workflow system to ensure consistency. We approach mobile testing from a hacker's perspective; assessing source code, binaries, and the running application separately or in tandem to find vulnerabilities across the three tiers of a mobile application: client, network, and server. All 4 platforms are supported: iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry.

    A dedicated portal with multiple levels of user permissions allows users to follow testing progress, remediation projects and collaborate across teams. Dashboards offer a working view of all apps in a tenant, allowing users to filter, categorize, prioritize and quickly drill down to fix issues. Data can be viewed by criteria you set.

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    Hewlett Packard Company (HP) Logo

    FeedHenry 3 - Red Hat, Inc.

    Red Hat’s FeedHenry mobile application platform FeedHenry 3 brings agility, visibility and efficiency to enterprise app development. The platform offers a suite of features that embrace collaborative app development and life cycle management across multiple teams and projects, centralized control of security and backend integration, and a choice of cloud deployment options that meet enterprise security requirements. Utilizing open and highly scalable technologies, FeedHenry 3 leverages cloud and RESTful APIs, to deliver a faster return and sustainable mobile innovation. FeedHenry 3 promotes multi-disciplinary collaboration through team- and role-based development, which allows separate client-side development and backend integration with additional DevOps-enabled functionality for cloud deployment. Coordination is enabled and code is shared and re-used using Git repositories, both online and local, as a powerful version control and collaboration tool. The platform supports app migration, development “your way” though a variety of open toolkits, online/offline workflow, and features out-of-the-box connectors and Node.js plugins, centralized control of security and policy management, and variety of deployment options and can run on a wide range of IaaS and PaaS infrastructures or fully on-premise – whatever best aligns with your technology, security and SLA requirements.

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  • Additional information can be found online at:

    Telerik Platform - Telerik, a Progress Company

    Telerik Platform is the industry�s first truly adaptive development platform, combining a rich set of UI tools with powerful cloud services to develop web, hybrid and native apps, across all devices. Telerik Platform is based on open standards and consists of modules that accommodate the entire app lifecycle, from idea to deployment to measuring the results.
    Each module, including build, prototyping, backend as a service, mobile testing, app management, analytics and more, can be used by itself, or easily be integrated with third party products. This makes it easy to integrate into any development workflow.
    With Telerik Platform developers can use the web technologies they already know (HTML5, CSS and JavaScript) to create hybrid or native mobile apps using any IDE.

    Telerik Platform benefits include support for:
    � Any Approach: web, hybrid and native
    � Any OS: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows and BlackBerry
    � Any Device: Desktops, tablets and smartphones
    � Any Technology: .NET, JavaScript/HTML5, Java JSP and PHP

    Telerik Platform works anywhere and is:
    � Extremely easy to set up
    � A complete solution, yet modular
    � Stand-alone, but also integrates with other popular solutions
    � Embraces existing developer skills

    Telerik Platform keeps options open for developers and provides them with great freedom, while accelerating every step of their mobile development.

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  • Additional information can be found online at:

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