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Best Open Source Innovation

Recognizes the most innovative source code or use of source code that is protected by open source licenses. Includes OpenStack, operating systems, databases, applications, management, networking, etc. Emphasis is placed on innovative open source technologies which build or significantly enhance a new or existing open source community, and/or leverage an innovative business model built from open source technologies.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 - Red Hat, Inc.

The latest major release of Red Hat’s flagship platform, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 not only lays the foundation for the open hybrid cloud and serves enterprise workloads across converged infrastructures, but also pushes the operating system beyond today's position as a commodity platform. Built for the modern datacenter to meet next-generation IT requirements, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 powers the spectrum of enterprise IT, from application containers to cloud services. Offering extreme agility and flexibility in the face of rapid technology innovation, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 enables enterprises to meet the demands of emerging technology without increasing complexity, from rapidly delivering new applications via secure, lightweight containers to scaling infrastructure to meet big data requirements with new and enhanced file systems. Beyond providing the capabilities to meet IT innovation, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 also addresses the technology needs of today. Independent of deployment scale, scope or complexity, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 serves as not only a catalyst for enterprise innovation, but also delivers the military-grade security, mission-critical reliability, and record-breaking performance that enterprise customers have come to expect, as well as the ease-of-use to efficiently "keep the lights on."

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    CODiE Winner

    Vert.x - Red Hat, Inc.

    Vert.x is an open source project that aims to provide an alternative to Node.js for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). It is a modular, multi-language (polyglot), general-purpose platform that can be used for many types of applications. Developers leverage the best language that allows them to most rapidly address their use case and business need. This enables greater overall team productivity and agility. No matter what language is chosen, all components are first class citizens and easily interoperable via the Vert.x event bus. A number of JVM-compatible programming languages are currently supported, including Java, JavaScript, Groovy, Ruby, Python, and more. Vert.x is highly scalable because of the combination of asynchronous/event-driven programming, its unique event-bus architecture and the JVM.  

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    Zenoss Control Center - Zenoss, Inc.

    Control Center is an open source application management and orchestration system powered by Docker. It provides out-of-band management for a very diverse set of Docker applications ranging from a simple web application to multi-tiered stateful application stacks across multiple hosts and datacenters. Developed by Zenoss to support its next generation (version 5) unified monitoring platform – Zenoss Core 5.0 (open source offering) and Zenoss Service Dynamics 5.0 (commercial offering), Control Center is available to the highly engaged 100,000+ Zenoss user and development community. We expect the Zenoss community to widely support and enhance Control Center as they have with Zenoss Core and its 250+ community authored plugins (ZenPacks)
    Key capabilities included
    • Intuitive HTML5 interface for rapid application deployment and management
    • Application topology visualization to track applications and their connections
    • Automated application discovery, configuration, deployment and availability monitoring
    • Application multi-instance and distributed host support
    • Support for integrated backup/restore and incremental snapshot/rollback
    • Templates to simplify application deployment and management
    • Built-in application logging via Elasticsearch
    • Resource-based application service scheduler
    • Stateful application support including database services and other persistent services
    • Transparent SSL transport encryption across all application services/containers
    • REST based API for easy integration into other management tools
    • Support for Zenoss Monitoring and Service Impact

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