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Best Subscription Management Solution

Recognizes the best solution to help companies manage all aspects of the subscription lifecycle. Subscription management includes assisted or unassisted subscription sales, pricing & packaging, billing, invoicing, payments, reporting, and financial management.

Avangate Digital Commerce Solution - Avangate

Avangate is the leading Digital Commerce provider that enables the New Services Economy, helping software, SaaS and online services companies sell their products and services via any channel, acquire customers across touchpoints, increase retention, leverage smarter payments, experiment on the fly and optimize their business in order to increase overall revenue.

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    http://fastspring.com/ - FastSpring

    FastSpring, a leading e-commerce and subscription management company, provides a robust set of features and services that enables digital goods companies to sell more of their products online. Over 2,500 companies utilize FastSpring to sell their software, SaaS, video games, and other digital products online to customers worldwide.

    As a software company, we get many requests for feature enhancements. In order to better manage these requests, we have added new personnel who are specifically dedicated to managing enhancement requests and who act as liaisons to our software development team. We are constantly working to stay at the forefront of our industry.

    FastSpring has a client satisfaction rating of 98%. Very few companies can say this, but ask any of our clients to learn how FastSpring has helped their business. This reputation has ultimately helped to expand our company, as the vast majority of our clients come to FastSpring through word-of-mouth referrals after hearing about our comprehensive e-commerce and subscription solution.

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    TRACT - goTransverse

    We help companies monetize anything that can be measured.

    Most billing solutions today offer a narrow focus of subscription management that requires additional assistance for solving the complete range of revenue generating initiatives within sophisticated enterprises. TRACT is different.

    TRACT is designed to manage offers, orders, billing, payments, collections, entitlements, revenue assurance, reporting, forecasting, revenue allocation, revenue recognition, contracting and more.

    TRACT’s cloud based billing platform natively supports company-defined revenue recognition rules with a highly configurable sub-ledger for accounts receivables and taxes. With TRACT, you can automatically allocate agreement considerations across multiple units of accounting and record revenues based on schedules associated with sales elements.

    Founded by a management team with over 100-years’ experience delivering complex billing offerings for some of the world’s largest enterprises, goTransverse created TRACT® to combine flexible usage-based billing with insightful revenue and audit management. Our customer base includes publicly traded and privately held companies typically technology-focused in cloud solutions, digital entertainment and media, IoT, M2M, logistics and hosting/managed services.

    To learn more about how subscription billing can revolutionize your business, please visit www.gotransverse.com.

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