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Best Career and Workforce Readiness Solution

Recognizes the best software or digital service that develops skills and knowledge needed in the 21st Century workforce. Includes applications that help close the gap between a learner's current interest and skills and the needs and expectations in the workplace.

iCEV - CEV Multimedia

For 30 years, CEV Multimedia has partnered with specialists, educators and publishers to create accurate, quality content to engage students and facilitate learning in Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs around the country. In 2012, CEV Multimedia introduced iCEV, an online platform that produces comprehensive educational content for CTE students and educators. iCEV offers in-depth, interactive learning with professional demonstrations to prepare students for real-world scenarios and postsecondary education. With iCEV, students can enhance their career and technical training to obtain industry-backed certifications, such as the Southwest Airlines Professional Communications certification, by completing coursework and a final certification exam. iCEV includes a management system with pre-built CTE courses and lessons from the platform’s extensive online library. Course guides and a live-chat feature walk educators through the process of customizing courses to fit students' needs. Students are then able to complete activities and assessments with the guidance of their teachers. The system automatically evaluates and records student results, helping educators analyze progress. CEV Multimedia updates iCEV weekly with new lessons according to state standards. Each lesson includes professional interviews that provide students with examples of career options. iCEV is compatible with multiple devices, ensuring all subscribers can access the platform's coursework.

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    Workforce Skills for 21st Century Success - LearningExpress, LLC

    Workforce Skills for 21st Century Success is a dynamic subscription-based SaaS platform for post-secondary students and adults with more than 500 self-directed resources in the forms of web-based tutorials, eBooks, practice sets, and reviews to help individuals develop the skills needed for success in the 21st Century workplace. Its content will help users to improve basic academic skills, improve workplace skills, acquire and hone computer skills, as well as provide instruction and directed guidance to prepare for high school equivalency tests (GED(R) test, HiSET(R), and TASC(TM), and to write resumes and conduct job searches. Its features provide everything needed to prepare for success in the 21st century workplace including career certifications test prep, a resume and cover letter builder, instruction in interviewing skills, job application progress, search capability of more than 5 million active job posts and help in building basic business skills, computer skills tutorials, and much more. Individual users access the resources from easy-to-use centers of related content. The centers include Improve Your Workplace Skills, Improve Your Basic Skills, Improve Your Computer Skills, Prepare for High School Equivalency Tests, Prepare for Job and Career Tests, and Job Search and Resume Tools.

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    LearningExpress, LLC Logo

    Odysseyware - Odysseyware

    Odysseyware’s dynamic online curriculum combines audio/video clips, interactive learning games and more to connect with a generation of digital natives. In addition to courses in core subjects like history, geography, math, language arts, and science, Odysseyware offers a variety of electives and career technical education courses. Placement testing ensures students begin at the appropriate grade level. Odysseyware is highly customizable, allowing educators to “drag and drop” lessons into each student’s courses in correlation with district and state standards. The customizable curriculum makes Odysseyware a perfect solution to personalize learning for every student. By simply reading a short guide, administrators, teachers and students will understand the basics of the Odysseyware program. In-depth help guides are available on Odysseyware’s website. The website empowers and supports educators through a professional development webinar series, which covers everything from motivating at-risk students to how Odysseyware helps meet the rigors of the Common Core. As students progress through the curriculum, their work can be assessed, monitored and reviewed through the Odysseyware platform. Teachers and students communicate about class assignments through the Student Progress Report – students can even flag individual questions on homework and ask teachers for feedback. Reports and data from Odysseyware’s platform can be exported easily for use in an official transcript.

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    uCertify LEARN - uCertify

    uCertify LEARN is a highly interactive, cloud-based and device-enabled, teaching and learning management platform for online, anywhere, anytime, competency based learning. uCertify LEARN is specifically designed to deliver HigherEd, vocational, workforce development & readiness and corporate training programs. Since such training requires hands-on approach, uCertify LEARN is designed to deliver hands-on labs and virtual environments - a feature that sets uCertify apart from other solutions.

    uCertify LEARN is developed from the ground up to deliver training to diverse audiences with different proficiency levels, making it an ideal tool for delivering diagnostic and remediation programs. Pre-Assessment can be used to configure an individualized, optimal learning path for each student. Educators can also create customized courses to meet different user needs, education outcomes and missions.

    uCertify LEARN can deliver assessments with over 40 innovative item types. In addition to Pre-Assessment, Exercises, Quizzes, and Post-Assessments, an educator can create graded assignments. Students receive a readiness score that indicates their current level of readiness, real time feedback and reinforcement. Learners also get an individualized study plan to help them focus on areas needing improvement.

    uCertify LEARN comes complete with custom website, catalog and eCommerce to support distance education. It can be integrated with a LMS providing a seamless experience to the learner.

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  • Additional information can be found online at:

    CODiE Winner 
    uCertify Logo

    WIN Career Readiness System - WIN Learning

    WIN Learning provides career readiness solutions to help students prepare for their futures, whether they are college, trade school, military or workplace bound.

    The WIN Career Readiness System is the centerpoint of the system.

    The web-based Career Readiness System includes:
    Individual Career Pathways Reports: Personalized, in-depth reports give guidance counselors the ability to direct students on a viable, clear path; demonstrate educational and skill needs; and show future job projections.

    My Strategic Compass: A career exploration, planning and guidance tool helps identify the careers that best suit the students’ interests, skills, values and goals.

    College Readiness CRC+: A digital test prep curriculum that helps learners achieve foundational college readiness in Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Reading and Writing/English. CRC+ includes five learning modules that provide students with practice and enables them to apply concepts commonly addressed in college placement exams.

    Career Readiness Courseware: Designed to link education directly to the needs of the economy the courseware includes 41 competency-based, Internet-delivered modules, and more than 120 hours of skills remediation per skill, in nine academic and foundational skill topic areas.

    Soft Skills: teaches employability and social skills including conveying professionalism, communicating effectively, promoting teamwork and collaboration, thinking critically, and problem solving.

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