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Best Collaborative Social Media Solution for Educators

Recognizes the online system designed to provide social learning, collaborative and community support for PK-12 or postsecondary education faculty and administration. Includes tools for communication, professional learning experiences, resource centers, collaboration and planning tools,and other interactive, social media solutions.

www.edweb.net - edWeb.net

edWeb.net is a highly-acclaimed professional social and learning network that is a vibrant online community for exceptional educators, decision-makers, and influencers who are on the leading edge of innovation in education. edWeb is a place where educators who are looking for ways to improve teaching and learning can gather and share information and ideas with peers and thought leaders in the industry. edWeb has doubled in membership in the past year and now has 120,000 members. edWeb.net has just launched edWeb.TV, a premium service of edWeb.net, that is an on-demand video platform to view edWeb's edWebinar archives. All of the edWebinars in edWeb.TV are aligned to national PD standards (Danielson, ISTE, NBPDS, NSDC). Educators received a personalized certificate for viewing the programs.

Educational institutions lack the time, money, and expertise to provide educators with the professional development and support they need to continuously improve their practice. edWeb fills that gap by providing continuous learning via edWeb.TV and our professional learning communities on edWeb.net. We integrate webinars (presented live, then archived) within our online professional learning communities.

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    Professional Learning Platform (PLP) - Knowledge Delivery Systems, Inc.

    KDS’s Professional Learning Platform (PLP) is designed to provide structure to the informal, social learning that research shows teachers needs to adopt new practices. With PLP, teachers and leaders engage in ongoing professional collaboration, access trusted content that is searchable and tagged to common teaching and learning frameworks, and take advantage of powerful personalization tools that provide each teacher constantly updated connections to resources, peers, experts, discussions and events that match their personal learning goals and interests.
    The KDS Professional Learning Platform:
    - Personalizes learning for teachers based on profiles, learning goals, and usage with algorithms that recommend resources, virtual groups and experts.
    - Unlocks and maximizes the value of teacher talent, knowledge, and expertise by enabling educators to share resources and learn from their colleagues.
    - Shares district created online courses, PD resources and experts.
    - Improves the effectiveness of instructional coaches by providing tools coaches and teachers need to collaborate and track and manage interactions, resources, and meetings.
    - Provides ongoing support for teachers as they implement new skills and strategies.
    - Helps all district staff meet job required training by providing 225 compliance courses.
    - And, consolidates professional learning into one secure, scaleable platform.

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    Global PD - Solution Tree

    As home of the award winning PLC at Work™ process, Solution Tree developed Global PD—an online assessment tool—to help school districts strengthen their professional learning communities (PLCs) and sustain school improvement efforts. PLCs are schools that empower small teams of educators to improve student learning through a process of collaboration, a focus on data and continuous improvement. Global PD was created in collaboration with the architects of the PLC at Work™ process, Richard DuFour, Rebecca DuFour, Mike Mattors, and Robert Eaker—as well as over 40 top-performing schools and districts across North America. By utilizing this innovative technology, staff members of a PLC can work as teams to: • Determine essential standards, build common assessments, and identify students in need of intervention or enrichment. • Access hundreds of videos and resources to support professional development. • Receive personalized virtual coaching from PLC-certified coaches. Since Global PD’s introduction, it has proven to be invaluable to administrators and teachers alike. This software is a comprehensive solution that educators rely on daily—not weekly or monthly—to improve school- and district-wide practices that ultimately help prepare students for college, career, and life.

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