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Best Cross-Curricular Solution

Recognizes the best software tool for students, educators, or administrators that can be used in multiple curriculum areas in the PK-12 or postsecondary market. Includes language literacy or productivity and creativity solutions that support instruction or management across different courses or subject areas, such as career planning, document creation, graphic design, problem solving, or web development.

Discovery Education Streaming Plus - Discovery Education

Discovery Education Streaming Plus is a comprehensive digital service that engages students and helps teachers transform teaching and learning. Streaming Plus contains thousands of standards-aligned resources to help students build mastery in interpreting, understanding, and evaluating information presented in a variety of ways.

Designed specifically to help implement standards-based instruction, Streaming Plus is designed to allow students to seek out appropriate resources, identify the main idea and key detail, evaluate the information presented to draw conclusions, cite relevant evidence to support their answers, and become self-directed learners. Available in more than half of all of U.S. schools, Streaming Plus offers teachers and students a library of more than 170,000 learning resources aligned to state academic and testing standards, including videos, skill builders, games, audio files, images, writing prompts and encyclopedia articles.

Searchable by keyword, content area and grade level, the rich video and other digital assets enhance curriculum and engage today�s students in learning. It also addresses multiple learning styles with content that can be delivered in a variety of formats, including print, auditory, visual support and interactive experiences. Streaming Plus has significantly elevated student achievement in partner school districts.

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    LearningExpress Library - LearningExpress, LLC

    LearningExpress Library is a subscription-based eLearning platform designed for individuals of all ages with elementary through post-secondary academic skill levels. It provides more than 1,000 self-directed tutorials, eBooks, practice sets, and reviews as learning resources that support instruction for a wide-range of cross-curricular subject content. Its features include math, English language arts: reading, and writing, and social studies, sciences, as well as content for college prep, college-admission test prep, college placement, and college advanced placement (AP) prep, career-certification test prep, and much more. Individual users access the resources from easy-to-use centers of related content. Indicated with selected content for each, the centers are as follows, the School Center (elementary, middle and high school academic content), the College Preparation Center (prep for ACT(R), SAT, PSAT/NMSQT tests), the College Center (academic skill review and prep for placement tests and graduate school entrance exams), the High School Equivalency Center (GED(R) test, HiSET(R), and TASC(TM)prep), the Adult Learning Center (academic as well as preparation for the U.S. citizenship exam), the Career Center (preparation for WorkKey(R)assessments and TOEIC(R)), and the Spanish Center (basic academic skills prep, GED(R), and U.S. citizenship prep). The individual collection of cross-curricular content is too vast to entirely list here.

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    myNGconnect.com - National Geographic Learning, a part of Cengage Learning

    myNGconnect, developed by National Geographic Learning, a part of Cengage Learning, is a cross-curricular platform for teachers and students in grades PreK-12. The website hosts comprehensive programs in Science (National Geographic Science), Social Studies (National Geographic World Cultures and Geography), and Reading (Reach, Reach for Reading, Inside, and Hampton Brown Edge) with an opportunity to study through a digital only or a print and digital path. Launched in July 2012, the site has evolved with the addition of new language content (Spanish), new features (eAssessment and Comprehension Coach), and improved platform functionality. myNGconnect is in use by 800,000 users nationwide. Teacher resources include eEditions, Lesson Planners, assessment, presentations, and rubrics. The hallmark attributes of the portal are its simple navigation, its compelling resources including images, map tools, and interviews developed by the National Geographic Society, and most recently, the accessibility of student materials on tablets. Students click open a digital textbook and watch a video, take a test and see their results, or receive immediate feedback on their fluency and pronunciation. They may also select an icon providing text at a modified reading level to assist striving readers and English language learners. Through multi-media and engaging resources for all students, myNGconnect brings the world to the classroom.

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  • Odysseyware - Odysseyware

    Odysseyware’s dynamic online curriculum combines audio/video clips, interactive learning games and more to connect with a generation of digital natives. In addition to courses in core subjects like history, geography, math, language arts, and science, Odysseyware offers a variety of electives and career technical education courses. Placement testing ensures students begin at the appropriate grade level. Odysseyware is highly customizable, allowing educators to “drag and drop” lessons into each student’s courses in correlation with district and state standards. The customizable curriculum makes Odysseyware a perfect solution to personalize learning for every student. By simply reading a short guide, administrators, teachers and students will understand the basics of the Odysseyware program. In-depth help guides are available on Odysseyware’s website. The website empowers and supports educators through a professional development webinar series, which covers everything from motivating at-risk students to how Odysseyware helps meet the rigors of the Common Core. As students progress through the curriculum, their work can be assessed, monitored and reviewed through the Odysseyware platform. Teachers and students communicate about class assignments through the Student Progress Report – students can even flag individual questions on homework and ask teachers for feedback. Reports and data from Odysseyware’s platform can be exported easily for use in an official transcript.

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    K-12 Website and Mobile Solution - SharpSchool

    SharpSchool is a leading provider of web design, content management system, web hosting and mobile solutions for schools and districts across the United States. Our K-12 Website and Mobile Solution encompasses a comprehensive set of intuitive, easy-to-use online tools that streamline the content publishing processes, and empower school administrators and educators to build fully interactive and cohesive websites that meets the needs of the educational community.

    With our tools, educators are able to create, communicate and educate, all from one easy-to-use web-based platform. No technical skills are needed. SharpSchool offers a solution that is completely comprehensive, and our unified approach guarantees that schools can finally have it all - intuitive design, seamless integration, innovative technologies, student safety, and affordability.

    SharpSchool was founded in 2001 with the goal of helping educational institutions improve communication and enrich student learning. Over the past 12 years, more than 4,500 schools and districts nationwide have discovered the benefits of the SharpSchool edge.

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    CODiE Winner 
    SharpSchool Logo

    SMART amp - SMART Technologies ULC

    SMART Technologies is redefining the future of K12 classroom collaboration with the introduction of the company�s innovative software, called, simply, �amp.� The new software is a revolutionary, cloud-based solution hosted on the Google cloud � available on virtually any device that has a browser. It is the �glue� that connects interactive displays, PCs, laptops, and tablets while enabling teachers and students to collaborate in real time, do in-class assessment, connect to shared digital workspaces and interact with Web-based learning materials regardless of location or device.

    SMART amp brings together the power of connected mobile devices by creating a unique �unbound� collaboration space designed to enhance critical thinking, communication, content engagement and most importantly, performance outcomes. SMART amp offers a content and application rich environment purposely designed to harness creativity as it relates to educator-led or students� own self-organized learning activities. Formative assessment tools let teachers quickly determine areas of student strength or weakness, and offer important insights that can be used to advance learning outcomes in meaningful ways. SMART amp: An unbound space for limitless learning. More details here: http://education.smarttech.com/en/products/smart-amp

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