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Best PK-12 Personalized Learning Solution

Recognizes the best education solution that is specifically developed to personalize learning for PK-12 students. The solution must provide for adaptive, anytime/anywhere learning, competency-based progression, and/or student-driven learning paths and support seamless integration with other content, assessment. or data systems.

www.dreambox.com - DreamBox Learning

Kids learn best when they're engaged and empowered to think for themselves. And that's what they experience when they use DreamBox Learning Math. Age-appropriate graphics and gaming protocols driven by adaptive learning motivate kids to persist and progress to build deep conceptual understanding. But not all adaptive learning is created equal, we gather more than 48,000 data points per hour, per student to analyze responses, assess problem-solving strategies, and evaluate different mistakes to provide the next right lesson, every time.

We partner with teachers to provide the support they need with job-embedded, on-demand professional development that unlocks the power of reports and data to differentiate instruction, monitor progress, and maximize student growth. Because the world isn't made up of multiple choice questions, DreamBox Learning Math isn't either. We provide a rigorous, K-8 standards-aligned curriculum with innovative digital manipulatives so students demonstrate that they understand how to solve the problem, not just compute the answer.

Delivered in English or Spanish, our cloud-based, cross-platform tool is effective in the computer lab, with small groups, or in a flipped classroom model with scaffolded support that closes gaps and gets students to math mastery. What's the ultimate proof? Kids who love and understand math!

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    CODiE Winner 
    DreamBox Learning Logo

    https://Fishtree.com - Fishtree

    Fishtree is the 21st century learning platform that solves the problem of scaling one-to-one instruction. With Fishtree, educators can select from a dynamic library of multimodal resources, align lessons to any standards such as the Common Core or competencies, and adapt to each learner’s needs with a single click. Fishtree personalizes the learning experience for every learner, clearly identifying student challenges for instructors, with real-time support options available for individual students.

    Students are guaranteed an engaging learning experience through the ability to build from any source or mode of content, including textbooks, Open Educational Resources (OER), and real-time media. The platform continues to adapt to every learner, ensuring mastery of skills as all content is automatically aligned to level, ability, and pace.

    We work with leading education technology providers to make every learning environment adaptive, and every learning experience personal. In addition to being the first learning environment to adapt learning pathways to individual student needs, Fishtree has been integrated into some of the world’s leading LMS’s and deployed in Mandarin Chinese, Korean, and Spanish, among others.

    Fishtree is a powerful, easy-to-use, student-driven instructional tool that gives every student the chance to experience personalized learning, at any time, any place, or at any level of instruction.

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    itslearning - itslearning, Inc.

    Alongside new educational standards, ubiquitous technology and accountability measures are transforming the educational landscape. With itslearning in place, schools and districts can easily meet these mandates efficiently and effectively.

    The media-rich personalized learning platform�s seamless integration with existing school and district technology and digital content creates a user-friendly interface that gives teachers a way to share instructional resources, assignments, activities and assessments with students and parents via personalized dashboards.

    The interactive, cloud-based learning platform also provides teachers with real-time reporting based on state and Common Core standards to guide their instruction � anytime, anywhere, on any device and all on a single and secure sign-on.

    Unlike its competitors, itslearning gives students the power to decide how they learn and automatically adapts to support learning styles that offer the best opportunities for success. The solution includes a variety of features specifically designed to help personalize the learning experience for every student, regardless of age, ability level, interests, or special requirements.

    A proprietary standards mastery and recommendation engine facilitates acceleration, remediation, and review by automating the recommendation of resources and activities based upon standards mastery. The recommendations are tailored specifically to the student � regardless of age, ability level, interests or special requirements.

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  • Additional information can be found online at:

    itslearning, Inc. Logo

    Junyo Streams - Junyo

    Junyo Streams is a K-12 classroom toolset that empowers teachers personalize learning by building and sharing individual playlist “streams” of OER and licensed digital content. Teachers save time and enhance their classroom instruction with Streams while students gain more personalized instruction tailored to their individual needs. Administrators can manage the type of content that is being used in their schools and receive feedback on individual classroom progress. Streams is sold at the district level and used by teachers in classrooms. Playlists are created and shared by communities of teachers at the school, district or global level. Districts may use our library of 500,000 content objects or upload their own. A cloud-based storage repository managed at the district level ensures student data is protected. Progress can be tracked at individual, student, small group and classroom levels. Data visualizations and dashboards deliver insights for educators, and student recognition systems serve up powerful reinforcement for student perseverance and progress. Resources are accessible through most LMS platforms or directly from Streams. Junyo Streams is already delivering a remarkable collection of learning content, tools, and analytics to more than 30,000 students in the U.S., Canada and Asia, with tens of thousands more scheduled to come on board during the 2014-15 school year. The momentum is growing and we’re just getting started.

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  • McGraw-Hill Education Professional Development - McGraw-Hill School Education

    McGraw-Hill Education Professional Learning Program for PK–12 provides a comprehensive five-point online solution designed to support teachers and administrators throughout multiple stages of professional development. Aligned to principles of adult learning, the program combines informal and formal learning experiences, just-in-time instructional support, and online communities of practice to meet the needs of teachers and administrators. Teachers and administrators gain instant access to a range of resources through a professional learning environment

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    SRA FLEX Literacy™ - McGraw-Hill School Education

    SRA FLEX Literacy™ is a comprehensive reading and language arts intervention system built on the Common Core State Standards for struggling readers in grades 3 and up in tiers 2, 3, or 4. SRA FLEX Literacy™ is a digital first program comprising of three learning experiences: The Digital Experience, The Print Experience, and The Project Experience. SRA FLEX Literacy™ provides individualized, web-based instruction within The Digital Experience that utilizes scaffolded instruction with embedded practice, assessment, remediation, and review, to meet each student at his/her level. Interactive instructional templates motivate and engage students through multiple learning modalities. Self-paced lessons allow students to progress through the program at their own pace. Digital placement tests start students at the appropriate instructional level. Leveled text passages and scaffolded instruction ensure concepts and skills are accessible while remediation and acceleration opportunities adapt the instructional sequence. One-On-One Targeted Intervention offers true differentiated instruction. Students are presented with independent monitored activities until mastery is demonstrated. Upon achieving mastery of a skill, students are accelerated to assessment and review opportunities.

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    McGraw-Hill School Education Logo

    ClassFlow - Promethean Inc. (USA)

    ClassFlow offers any teacher with an Internet connection a more effective way to create and deliver interactive lessons that engage students and assess their progress in real time. Cloud-based and device-agnostic, ClassFlow works with all leading operating systems. With ClassFlow, teachers can present their lesson on any interactive front-of-class display and simultaneously engage students by sending lesson content to their tablets or laptops. Students connect to ClassFlow through an Internet browser or the ClassFlow Student app. When distributing an activity, teachers can group students by need in order to differentiate the instruction and content they receive.

    During a lesson, teachers check students' progress with polls and assessments sent to their tablets or laptops. Robust polling capabilities gauge students' understanding, and a creative response option encourages critical thinking and subject matter mastery through content creation. Teachers can choose to display student contributions as part of a lesson for whole-class discussion or to address a common misconception.

    Using their tablet or laptop, teachers can see each student's progress in real time, including the time spent on each question, number of attempts and accuracy. With this type of insight, teachers can target intervention in the moment of learning and personalize instruction.

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    Promethean Inc. (USA) Logo

    Redbird Mathematics - Redbird Advanced Learning

    Redbird Mathematics is a revolutionary digital curriculum grounded in foundational and ongoing Stanford University research. It features the latest in adaptive instruction, gamification, and digital project-based learning. Currently offered for K-7th grade, the curriculum is specifically designed to meet the requirements of Common Core (Focus, Coherence, Rigor).

    Based on a new learning model developed by Stanford that reframes the process of learning math for digital natives: Understand - Apply - Create, Redbird Mathematics systematically progresses students to mathematical mastery. Its adaptive technology is driven by trillions of data points gathered over 20 years of Stanford research in personalized learning.

    The curriculum offers students over 15,000 exercises, 700 instructional modes (including multiple forms of instruction for key concepts), 50 digital manipulatives, and 75 games. Additionally, rich STEM projects, career pathways, and contextualized problems inspire students to develop a love of mathematics and connections to the real world.

    To actively support teachers, Redbird Mathematics provides recommendations for instructional groups and intervention needs based on key-stroke level data from students' work in the program. For schools and districts, Redbird offers planning, design, and professional development services to ensure effective blended learning implementation.

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  • Additional information can be found online at:

    Redbird Advanced Learning Logo