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Best Business Directory

Recognizes the best Business Directory for use by consumers or other business professionals. Nominees may submit solutions developed for online or for mobile applications and can be developed for the broader market or customized based on a specific user community or vertical market.

Ecosystem Hub Platform - Gust

Gust's Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Hub platform serves as the central, comprehensive, definitive resource site for a regional entrepreneurial ecosystem. It brings together every single startup, angel investor, venture capital fund, event, job, course, workspace, blog, video, news story and business startup resource in the region, helping to galvanize and connect the local entrepreneurial innovation community. The first hub launched on the platform is Digital.NYC, the official startup hub for the City of New York, launch in partnership with IBM.

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  • Additional information can be found online at:

    CODiE Winner 
    Gust Logo

    LexisNexis® CorporateAffiliations.com™ - LexisNexis Group

    CorporateAffiliations.com is a searchable online business directory with deep, reliable current and historical LexisNexis-owned business content on the public and private businesses that drive the global economy and the members of their corporate families:

    - Our corporate data is created and verified by our LexisNexis research analysts (it’s not self-reported, or aggregated content).
    - Our stand-alone redesigned site is easy-to-use.
    - We have our own on-site corporate Mergers and Acquisitions data resolution team that ensures our corporate families are extremely well maintained when M&A activities take place.

    Our expanded business intelligence includes:

    - Current and historical company profiles with corporate families dating back to 1993
    - Recent company and executive newsfeeds
    - Executive and director bios
    - Social media links to official company-sponsored pages and personnel pages on LinkedIn
    - FEIN numbers
    - Rankings for top business lists
    - Online lists of newly added parent and subsidiary companies and personnel
    - Merger & Acquisition deal tracking from start-to-finish
    - Company contacts including names, titles & email addresses
    - Customizable executive change alerts
    - Unlimited downloading
    - Stakeholder and minority interest ownership data, and more.

    We also offer new eBook versions of our company directories, raw data solutions, API services and our traditional print directories.

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    ZoomInfo Pro - Zoom Information Inc.

    ZoomInfo's proprietary technologies create detailed profiles on over 100 million business professionals and 10 million businesses. ZoomInfo's data engineers focus on complete data, giving customers fresh, detailed information needed to reach decision makers such as email, direct dial phone number, industry, title, and background information.

    ZoomInfo's technologies include:

    • 24/7 data extracting: ZoomInfo's patented technologies examine 100,000 business related websites daily, extracting relevant information and integrating it into profiles.
    • Crowd sourced contributions: ZoomInfo created technology through which more than 300,000 business professionals have contributed active, current information from their own business contacts.
    • Constant verification and validation: ZoomInfo constantly updates their profiles and tests email addresses every 90 days. The verification and validation process ensures higher deliverability rates for ZoomInfo customers.

    Using ZoomInfo, customers can easily:

    • Get the full picture on incoming leads
    • Access direct dial phone numbers on over 70% of ZoomInfo's contacts
    • Quickly pull contacts from targeted market segments for campaigns, increasing response rates
    • Directly integrate with Salesforce, eliminating data entry and minimizing research time
    • Improve positioning during prospecting outreach with access to profiles, bios, quotes, board affiliations, and press/web mentions

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