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Best Business Information Solution

Recognizes the best information solution that helps business professionals with their daily job functions: sales, marketing, strategy, business development, research or other corporate functions. Solutions could include business and industry news, market research, company, industry information, executive profiles, financial data, analyst reports, vertical segment information, etc. The best solution will be "live" with active customers and utilizes compliant content. Nominees should ideally provide access to the platform and demos are preferable and should highlight how the solution provides value to their customers and how it is innovative and differentiated from other solutions in the market. Nominees should also indicate if they specialize in a certain industry/vertical and/or specific media channels.

Avention - Avention, Inc. (formerly OneSource)

Avention(SM) offers one-of-a-kind functionality to help you analyze and understand companies and contacts at a level that was previously unheard of. With Avention for Sales you can dig deeper for richer insights on more companies and more contacts for smarter prospecting. Avention saves sales people time, helps them to prospect smarter, and improves their targeting by allowing them to set up ideal customer profiles. What's more, triggers provide alert capability that tells a salesperson exactly when to call that ideal prospect. Finally, with semantic searching and evergreen SmartLists(SM), it's never been easier for sales teams to always be up to date with the customers that are the most relevant to them.

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    Gagein Professional - GageIn

    Gagein Professional
    The perfect solution for individuals in sales, marketing, or business development wanting to follow existing prospects or looking to build out their sales pipeline with new ones. Gagein Professional includes predictive scoring, unlimited following, and prospecting and complete company background, personnel, competitive and social connection information. Plus, we�ll add coverage for any company not in our database free within 72 hours.

    Quick Start
    Enter the names and websites of companies you want to follow manually and Gagein will match them to our database. Or, Gagein can import directly from Salesforce, other popular CRM systems and from virtually any application with CSV file export capability.

    Gagein tracks over 2 million public and private US, Canadian, and International companies. With unlimited following, you can keep track of all your prospects.

    Once Gagein has identified your high value prospects, it uses patent pending algorithms to predictively score and rank them based on sales potential.

    Search Gagein to discover new prospects to follow. Create lists of companies and people based on filters like: sales triggers, keywords, industry, revenue, location, and more.

    You've found your high value prospects and you know which ones to call and why; now Gagein does your pre-call homework for you by providing company, personnel and competitive information, plus social connections for each of your prospects.

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    Advanced Analysis - Innography

    Advanced Analysis is the only full life cycle patent research and patent analysis software designed for business users. Innography's Advanced Analysis solution is the first in its industry to allow businesses drill as deep as they like into the data or generate point-and-click reports for fast, reliable answers. The solution offers the industry's most comprehensive data analytics with insights that would otherwise take weeks or months to derive.
    Businesses use Advanced Analysis for patent research to monetize their assets, identify new candidates for out-licensing, or cross-licensing. For patent litigation, businesses use Advanced Analysis to respond to assertion letters from a position of strength by using the solution to locate patents that may invalidate prior art.
    As chain-of-title issues can render patents invalid, businesses use Advanced Analysis to determine if the assets they are buying are worth the price and easily identify hidden litigation risk they may carry. Leveraging Advanced Analysis, businesses can understand a competitors' portfolio strength, strongest patents, trademarks and filing trends.
    With Advanced Analysis, it's possible to understand non-practicing entities in a businesses' space, litigation trends and gaps in a patent portfolio. Businesses conduct patent research, explore technology landscapes, mine for connections and adjacencies and uncover market development opportunities with

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    CODiE Winner 
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    Nexis - LexisNexis Group

    Through its refreshed interface, Nexis� opens the door to over 48,000 premium sources expertly curated for today�s business needs. Gain insight from news, company and industry intelligence, biographical, legal, legislative and regulatory sources, intellectual property and public records. Nexis is intuitive and easy-to-use with Boolean and natural language search options. Recent enhancements to Nexis include: easier source selection, streamlined navigation, new delivery options, and a new results view for faster review and previewing documents.

    - Find, analyze and deliver on-point results using advanced and customizable search tools.
    - Visualize media coverage trends in a few clicks through the news analytics dashboard, Nexis Analyzer.
    - Multiple delivery options allow you to easily share (email, download, print) information with your colleagues�including a new, download to cloud feature that enables users to download to Google Drive� or DropBox.
    - Translate your company, news, and industry results list into one of 57 supported languages.
    - Stay current on relevant information � not just news, company, financial and industry too�with easy-to-schedule alerts.

    Nexis is an all-in-one tool that provides the critical information you need and the technology to help you stay in the know.

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