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Best Financial & Market Data Information Solution

Recognizes the best Financial & Market Data Information Solution designed for professionals in the financial and capital markets industries. Nominees may submit solutions that provide financial, market data and related information for market practitioners. Includes real-time data services, financial news services, market analysis & research, credit services, capital markets, commodities & energy, foreign exchange, fixed income and/or merger and acquisition information. The best solution will be "live" with active customers and utilizes compliant content. Nominees should ideally provide access to the platform and demos are preferable and should highlight how the solution provides value to their customers and how it is innovative and differentiated from other solutions in the market. Nominees should also indicate if they specialize in a certain industry/vertical and/or specific media channels.

PitchBook Platform - PitchBook Data, Inc.

PitchBook Data Inc. has built an industry-leading platform that combines the highest-quality data on the global private financial market with cutting-edge technology. The result is an award-winning product that offers a seamless user experience and grants PitchBook clients the ability to make smarter, more effective business decisions by empowering a more transparent and effective market.

PitchBook arms professionals within the global M&A, PE and VC markets with the finest data accessed through a simple, intuitive platform that allows clients to gain insight, explore targeted opportunities, connect with industry professionals and execute deals, confidently. It doesn’t stop there; the PitchBook Platform looks at every stage of a transaction and integrates tools to meet the diverse needs of all types of users, from general partners and limited partners to service providers, advisors and analysts.

Additionally, to accommodate today’s speed of business, PitchBook recently released PitchBook Mobile, the first mobile app for the M&A, PE and VC markets. PB Mobile grants users the ability to access PitchBook’s extensive database wherever and whenever they need it, along with high-level data and biographical information on companies, dealmakers and executives. They can also easily receive support and research assistance from their dedicated account manager.

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    Thomson Reuters Eikon - Thomson Reuters

    Thomson Reuters is focused on revolutionizing the way financial markets professionals find and interact with data and connect with the financial markets community. We’ve delivered hundreds of enhancements and new features for Eikon, our desktop solution for financial markets professionals, to achieve this. New capabilities include: new natural language and graph search features – totally unique to our industry; social media sentiment analysis more advanced than any other provider; and a new analytics capability that allows Eikon to analyze news stories from the web as you browse. We continue to enhance our extensive content and analytics tools in Eikon across asset classes and firms – new power curve capabilities for commodities traders give unique insights into historical and forward-looking predictions of European power markets; new workflow features for the buyside provide traders with advanced visual tools like monitoring economic factors over time; and our web access, mobile and wearable tech solutions deliver insight where and when it’s needed most. We’ve also made data more collaborative – over 250,000 members of our Messaging community can share live data, charts and analytics in real time. Importantly, though, they can do it securely and compliantly. Eikon gives customers a competitive edge by delivering the most important, relevant and actionable news and information, in the right place at the right time.

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    TTR - Transactional Track Record - TTR

    TTR is a market-leading collection of exclusive alerts, executive summary reports and the most comprehensive online service in the industry. TTR helps transactions professionals grow their business in Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking regions globally by delivering exclusive rumors of business opportunities as well as announced / completed transactions.

    TTR helps transactions professionals strengthen their business development efforts in the following areas: Mergers & Acquisitions, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Joint Ventures, Asset Acquisition, Equity Capital Markets, Project Finance, Acquisition Finance.

    The TTR service has two main components:
    1. TTR Radar: forward-looking deals / opportunities
    2. Transactions: announced, completed or cancelled deals

    TTR covers transactions in all geographies whenever one of the parties involved in the deal is headquartered in a Spanish or Portuguese speaking market and English-speaking Caribbean (including target, buyer, seller, adviser, sponsor or financing bank). TTR covers all of the people involved in the deals including bankers, Private Equity professionals, in-house counsel and out-side counsel.

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