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Best Governance, Risk and Compliance Solution

Recognizes the best Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Information solution that provides industry-leading audit, risk and compliance solutions and/or expert insights that enable businesses to connect regulatory developments with internal policy systems, organizational risks and controls, and regulatory training. Nominees may submit solutions that focus on areas such as business and regulatory issues, connecting financial goals to regulatory obligations, financial compliance products, managing anti-money laundering, "know-your-customer" processes and/or efficiently linking corporate activities to audit and reporting requirements.

Dell Change Auditor - Dell Software

ChangeAuditor helps IT staff, security and compliance officers� audit, alert and report on user and administrator activity, configuration and application changes in real-time across the Microsoft-centered enterprise. This solution is critical to addressing and preventing risk of system downtime, misuse of sensitive data, failed audits and security breaches while ensuring business management can prove to auditors and internal stakeholders that compliance and security policies are enforced throughout the organization.
What also differentiates ChangeAuditor above other solutions is the ability to proactively reduce security risks by protecting critical and sensitive data from being accessed, modified or deleted in the first place.
ChangeAuditor simplifies external compliance audits and strengthens internal controls with over 700 out of the box auditor-ready and scheduled reports. Additionally, ChangeAuditor has role-based access, enabling auditors to have access to only the information they need to quickly perform their job, freeing administrators to go about their daily work without interruption.
Last but not least, ChangeAuditor has a high performance auditing engine that doesn�t require native auditing to be enabled and can perform at much faster speeds for the end user than other solutions that rely on native auditing. This saves on server resources that would otherwise impact storage, processors and memory.

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    CODiE Winner 
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    Intralinks VIA - Intralinks, Inc.

    Intralinks VIA is an enterprise collaboration and file sharing application that enables employees to share files and documents internally and with external partners in a secure, compliant way. Intralinks VIA provides advanced document security capabilities that enable enterprises to gain all the productivity benefits typically associated with file sync and share services, while maintaining the granular control required to keep data safe and comply with stringent security policies and regulations.
    Intralinks VIA offers a number of unique capabilities:
    - Plugin-free Information Rights Management (IRM): IRM is enforced by a click of a button, and no plug-ins are needed to view Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF documents. Access controls include specifying which devices can open a file, locations where files can be accessed, and the ability set expiry dates. Access to files can be revoked in real-time with Intralinks UNshare feature.
    - Customer-Managed Encryption Keys (CMK): Intralinks is the first file sharing and collaboration solution to provide customer-managed encryption keys as an option. When customers manage their own keys, cloud vendors can no longer access their information. This removes the vendor as a source of risk from data breaches and government surveillance-related privacy concerns.
    - Native Support for Microsoft Office document viewing and editing: Intralinks

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    Lexis Diligence - LexisNexis Group

    Better understand your customers, employees and vendors to reduce risk, raise productivity, increase profitability and improve decision-making. Lexis Diligence brings together all the intelligence you need in one place to conduct consistent due diligence and comply with anti-money laundering and anti-bribery regulatory requirements. It's fast, intuitive and doesn't require any additional IT investment or training.

    Company information
    Verify a corporate entity and find out more about its business and management structure. Access over 150 databases of premium business information and millions of public and private company profiles covering developed and emerging markets.

    Sanctions, PEPs & watch lists
    Ensure your organization doesn't work with a blacklisted company and put you at risk of costly fines. Screen against all the key international sanctions and watch lists including OFAC, HM Treasury, FBI and over 1,000,000 PEPs

    Global news archive
    Minimize reputational risk to your business by checking against over 23,000 news sources from international, national & regional newspapers, blogs and newswires. With an archive going back over 35 years, ensure you don't miss valuable information not available on the web.

    Truly understand an individual's background. Draw from over 500 biographical sources and executive profiles from Who's Who to Debrett's

    Legal history
    The international cases data helps users to determine how litigious an individual or company may be. Coverage includes data from the UK, EU, US and selected Asian jurisdictions.

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