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Best Collaboration Solution

Recognizes the best application that aids collaboration, communication, and the process of problem solving for teams working together over geographic distances.

AirWatch Secure Content Locker - AirWatch

AirWatch® Secure Content Locker® enables secure, reliable mobile access in the cloud. AirWatch Secure Content Locker protects sensitive content in a corporate container and provides users with a central application to securely access, store, update and distribute the latest documents from their mobile devices. With flexible content storage, enterprise-grade encryption, data loss prevention, built-in file syncing and sharing and document editing, AirWatch Secure Content Locker maintains a protected, agile environment for content management and collaboration. Administrators also gain control over who receives content according to customizable role-based access, ensuring the right employees have access to content. AirWatch Secure Content Locker can scale to support 10 to more than 100,000 devices, providing businesses the freedom to grow without a lapse in mobility management. AirWatch Secure Content Locker seamlessly integrates with over 33 content repositories, including Microsoft SharePoint and Google Drive, ensuring businesses can use existing infrastructure while protecting content. Document changes are synced to the solution automatically from mobile devices and laptops, ensuring important information is backed up, secure and accessible on-the-go. Administrators can manage all content and view content status through a single Web-based console; likewise, users can upload, back up and configure sharing restrictions for their own content through the Self-Service Portal.

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  • GoToMeeting - Citrix Systems, Inc.

    Available as a free app on the iPad, iPhone and Android, GoToMeeting allows people to easily join online meetings from any location they take their mobile devices. With just one click, users can start a meeting and share their screen, video and audio from anywhere with up to 100 people. GoToMeeting also integrates VoIP, telephone and HD video for a clear and professional web conference. GoToMeeting features HDFaces group video conferencing, combining high definition audio, web and video conferencing into an amazing, telepresence-like meeting experience for mobile workstyles. Up to six people can participate in a HD video conference.

    In March, Citrix released GoToMeeting Free, a web-based communications platform that gives users quick and simple video sync-ups. With just one click, GoToMeeting Free gives users a fast way to instantly communicate, whether discussing a project with colleagues or just chatting with friends in another country. GoToMeeting Free, which is accessible via Chrome browser, offers free, unlimited-use video conferencing for up to three people. It is an entirely browser-based platform that allows users to seamlessly join an audio/video call without needing to log in, download additional software, or enable plug-ins.

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  • Additional information can be found online at:

    CODiE Winner 
    Citrix Systems, Inc. Logo

    Gust - Gust

    Gust is the global online collaboration platform powering the world of entrepreneurial finance. Over 300,000 startup companies use Gust to work with over 50,000 investors in over 1,000 angel networks and venture capital funds. Gust supports all constituents across the early stage investment process, from company formation to profitable exit. Because it is used by all players throughout the ecosystem, Gust has been chosen by cities, states and regions to power their online startup hubs, bringing together every startup, investor, event, job and resource in the area, serving as a key component of the innovation economy.

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    Gust Logo

    http://www.liquidplanner.com - LiquidPlanner

    LiquidPlanner is the world's only priority-based, predictive project management platform, built to help organizations manage complex portfolios in a rapidly changing world. Version 5.0 of LiquidPlanner delivers unprecedented visibility and usability to organizations. Some of the new capabilities launched with this new version include:

    Tags: Tags represent a powerful new social project management capability that allows organizations to add metadata to their project portfolio so they can filter, report, and analyze their project data with ease. Tags are more than just a way to organize work -- they provide a simple way for project leaders to tap into the vast amount of unstructured data that is nearly impossible to access via traditional tools. Tags can be used to build and publish custom analytics reports and to filter the overall portfolio view to see plan details, schedules, and status.

    CardView: Card View models agile development and traditional - Kanban boards giving users the ability to view both the entire portfolio of projects or specific sets of tasks. LiquidPlanner CardView is a first-of-its-kind, to be fully integrated into a project management and scheduling solution. With drag and drop, cards can be moved horizontally between columns or adjusted up and down to reflect priority order.

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  • Additional information can be found online at:

    LiquidPlanner Logo

    WorldSmart - PanTerra Networks, Inc.

    PanTerra Networks is the first fully managed Unified Cloud Service (UCS) provider delivering WorldSmart which includes secure file sharing, unified communications and mobility services targeting Mid-Market Enterprises (MME) from 50 to 2,000 users.
    -SmartBox, its unified file sharing service include infinite, secure cloud storage, built-in unified communications features, local folder and mobile device syncing, enterprise storage management and collaborative file/folder sharing.
    -CloudUC, its unified communications service include business PBX, digital fax, multi-media audio/video conferencing, secure instant messaging, presence, email/calendar/contacts, web collaboration, desk sharing, and remote desktop access.
    -Unified mobility services include full function unified application with softphone, follow-me/find-me communications, video, real-time presence and business-class IM, and universally accessible communications content, all accessible from any mobile device (tablets and smartphones).

    Our unique unified cloud service approach to a company's IT infrastructure delivers the industry's lowest TCO, eliminates costly dedicated on-premises equipment, simplifies administration with a single-vendor infrastructure and maximizes IT infrastructure reliability, availability and flexibility. PanTerra's 24/7 customer satisfaction is the acknowledged market leader.

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  • Additional information can be found online at:

    PanTerra Networks, Inc. Logo