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Best Health & Medical Information Solution

Recognizes the best information solution for medical and health professionals or consumers. Nominees may submit solutions for consumers, medical and healthcare professionals, or both. These includes mobile apps, software tools and systems, ebooks and journals. These may cover, for example medical research, consumer health tools, health news, clinical decision support (including evidenced-based medicine, patient care plans, and guidelines), professional or consumer health workflow, patient engagement, pharmaceutical analytics, and health rating information.

Bloom Health Private Exchange Platform® - Bloom Health

At Bloom Health, we focus on empowering individuals to make confident benefit decisions that meet their unique personal and family needs. We do this by providing education and guidance to consumers through our Private Exchange Platform® solution. Our results show that meaningful choice - in terms of product types, plan designs, and price points makes employees more satisfied with and appreciative of their employer-sponsored benefits.

Our early role in the still-forming private exchange industry has provided us with data that is unmatched by competitors, allowing us to make educated decisions that have lead to our industry-leading consumer experience.

Our clients - employers, health plans, and agents - have access to a comprehensive administrative portal to manage their population, access data, and download reports. Additionally, our platform can integrate with many employer HRIS and payroll systems further streamlining and reducing the work of the HR team.

Our in-house developed platform, realized by technology minds, customer service teams, and consumer behavior experts, is the most flexible in the industry. The Bloom platform is a rare opportunity for all constituents healthplans, employers, brokers, and consumers to come out ahead.

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    DG Suite-DICOM Grid - DICOM Grid

    Today's healthcare organizations require quick and easy access to complex medical imaging. Traditional management systems and storage infrastructure have fallen short. Enter DICOM Grid. We leverage the latest innovations in cloud technology to unify disparate imaging solutions, automate workflow, and provide individuals with immediate access to medical images.

    DICOM Grid's core product line, DG Suite, is a cloud-based platform used for the distribution of medical imaging data. The scalable solution enables organizations to easily deploy applications for medical imaging collaboration, image data management, and vendor neutral archiving.

    Using our award-winning technology, leading medical centers and physicians have changed lives: delivering high quality evaluations remotely to stroke victims, saving trauma victims through rapid distribution of imaging, and granting patients new lines of communication to tier one healthcare consultation networks.

    DICOM Grid manages over 1.2 billion images for users world-wide, who use its secure, HIPAA compliant imaging software to facilitate CD ingestion, image sharing, patient transfers, remote reads, and disaster recovery.

    Our client base is comprised of leading healthcare systems, research organizations, and specialty practices from around the world; including strategic partnerships with Mayo Clinic, Memorial Hermann, Rush University Medical Center, Greater Houston Healthconnect, and Barrow Neurological Institute.

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    Med Term Scramble - Pearson Education

    Med Term Scramble is a free game for health sciences students and working professionals to practice and test their knowledge of Medical Terminology. With over 30 word lists to choose from, users can prove their mastery of terms like steatorrhea and rhabdomyoma by challenging themselves to attain perfect accuracy or race for the best time possible. Better than flashcards, Med Term Scramble helps users master Medical Terminology in a fun setting.

    Med Term Scramble has seen over 110k downloads across both the iOS and Android app stores since its launch in January 2013 and has consistently seen an average of 4 to 4.5 stars in user reviews. Med Term Scramble has proved to be a helpful study tool for a wide range of users--nursing students, medical assisting students, students studying for pharmacy technician certifications, and even working professionals looking for fun continuing education and review opportunities. While 90% of the user base for this app is located in North America, Med Term Scramble has started to see a growth in its international presence, with 6% of users from Asia and an increasing presence in the Middle East.

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    TopCare powered by Blender™ - SRG Technology, LLC

    SRG Technology LLC., (SRGT) suite of flexible and cutting-edge software, Blender™, drives improvements through enhanced data collection, targeted recommendations and personalized action plans. SRGT joined with Massachusetts General Hospital Lab of Computer Science (MGH-LCS) to develop TopCare powered by Blender™. MGH-LCS adds more than a decade of Population Health Management (PHM) research and lessons learned through proprietary algorithms and predictive analytics to TopCare.

    TopCare is a comprehensive, integrated PHM platform that enables a continuous cycle of improvement. SRGT and MGH-LCS share the vision and recommend the strategies to:
    Collect all the disparate data sources;
    Use a hierarchical role-base system;

    -Configure by user;
    -Target improvements;
    -Analyze the data;
    -Recommend actions;
    -Assign and track tasks;
    -Personalized action plans;

    TopCare is making a difference and improving clinical and financial outcomes at MGH, Brigham and Women's and Newton-Wellesley Hospitals. TopCare is setting the "Gold Standard" for PHM.

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