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Best Sales & Marketing Intelligence Solution

Recognizes the best Sales & Marketing Intelligence solution, which empowers sales and marketing professionals with key data, insights and analytics to help drive business development and target potential sales prospects. Sales & Marketing Intelligence solutions may include B2B data, prospect databases, contact information, sales analytics and other tools used by sales and marketing professionals to more effectively uncover and target new opportunities within existing customer base. The best solution will be "live" with active customers, and nominees should ideally provide access to the platform demos are preferable and should highlight how the solution provides value to their customers and is differentiated from other solutions in the market.

DiscoverOrg for Salesforce.com 3.0 - DiscoverOrg

DiscoverOrg enables sales and marketing teams to access their in-depth contact profiles on more than 400,000 decision makers working in the IT, Marketing and Finance Departments at 19,000+ North American and EU companies natively from inside their Salesforce.com or while mobile using the Salesforce1 app. The incredibly accurate data they need to create targeted email, phone, and direct mail campaigns and engage responses from key decision makers now lives within the platform where organizations want these teams working. DiscoverOrg offers more than just hand-curated contact data - users can access detailed department organizational charts and key insider information with buying triggers that will help them navigate today’s complex technology sales. With over 1,000,000 updates quarterly to the database, DiscoverOrg for Salesforce.com can auto-refresh clients’ Salesforce instances nightly to ensure teams are working with the most accurate information available.

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  • Marketo Webhooks for DiscoverOrg - DiscoverOrg

    DiscoverOrg's in-depth contact profiles on more than 400,000 decision makers working in the IT, Marketing, and Finance Departments at 19,000+ North American and EU companies can now instantaneously be appended to leads created inside clients' Marketo instance. The accurate data marketing and sales teams need to create targeted email, phone, and direct mail campaigns that engage a response from the key decision makers is appended using a Webhook. Now clients can append and clean new and existing leads with up to 20 fields of contact and company-level background intelligence uncovered by DiscoverOrg's 95+ in-house research team. Marketers can follow best practices of limiting the number of form fields required to access resources on company websites while building complete qualified leads for hand off to sales or to enter them into a 1:1 nurturing program. With over 1,000,000 updates made quarterly to the database, Marketo Webhooks for DiscoverOrg can automate cleaning of stale leads with high quality hand-curated information. This prevents leads getting stuck in honeypots or SPAM traps. The powerful combination of high quality background and current intelligence on leads and target accounts significantly shortens sales cycles.

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  • InsideView for Sales - InsideView

    InsideView is the most widely adopted sales and marketing intelligence solution with more than 19,000 customers and 500,000 users. InsideView provides the most relevant and complete company and contact data, timely insights, and social connections that allow our users to qualify, engage, and retain customers faster and easier than ever, while native integration with leading CRM solutions like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle, and Netsuite puts intelligence in the hands of sales professionals when and where they need it most.

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  • Additional information can be found online at:

    InsideView Logo

    Leadspace - Leadspace

    Leadspace helps our clients find more leads that look like their best customer. Using semantic analysis and other techniques, we analyze unstructured data on the open and social web as well as structured data sources to build rich Ideal Customer Profiles for our clients. We then find leads that fit these profiles both inside and outside our clients' databases. We're able to enrich and predictively score leads against these profiles so our clients are able to prioritize and contact leads effectively.

    Leadspace integrates with Marketo, Eloqua and Salesforce in addition to our standalone platform.

    We're proud to power the Marketing and Sales teams at some of the top companies in business technology, including Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, Datastax, Marketo, Ringcentral and Five9, among many others.

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  • Additional information can be found online at:

    Leadspace Logo

    Mintigo Predictive Marketing Platform (V3) - Mintigo

    Mintigo's vision is to use data science to revolutionize the way companies market and sell. Our Predictive Marketing Platform helps marketers at companies like Red Hat, Seagate and Neustar to discover, target, and engage their best prospects and customers.

    Mintigo collects and continuously updates thousands of data points on millions of companies. This includes information on financials, staff, hiring, technologies, marketing and sales tactics as well as semantic analysis of the company's digital footprint. Mintigo takes your MAP/CRM data, overlays our data, and uses predictive analytics to find the CustomerDNA of your highest value customers or leads - the set of indicators that make them unique compared to the rest of your database. The result is a 360-degree profile of each contact in your database that predicts their likelihood to convert.

    We enable marketers to:

    1. Build unlimited number of predictive models to meet any marketing and sales goals.
    2. Optimize lead management with predictions from detailed analytics.
    3. Predictively score leads to find best fit prospects.
    4. Obtain sales and marketing intelligence with insights for individual leads.
    5. Augment and score each lead with real-time integration with Marketo, Eloqua and Salesforce.

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  • Additional information can be found online at:

    CODiE Winner 
    Mintigo Logo

    TopOPPS Product Suite - TopOPPS

    TopOPPS is a leader in the emerging category of sales predictability and analytics solutions. Built with the psychology of the sales representative in mind, TopOPPS provides sales reps with an easy to use product on their mobile, desktop and tablet devices.

    Installation into your CRM is a quick and easy, consisting of ten clicks and is finished under ten minutes. With machine learning and intelligent analytics, TopOPPS ensures your deals will move through your pipeline faster because it manages the 3 components of any sales process.

    Identifying the relevant stages and milestones for your opportunities is paramount in order to get the deals in your pipeline to close faster. Understanding the importance that check-ins have in creating and maintaining momentum for an opportunity will also help close more deals.

    Alerts and filters ensure that sales reps enter all the information about your deals in detail and in real time. By having stronger information, TopOPPS gives you a risk analysis on your current pipeline so that you are confident that you have an accurate forecast.

    A great sales process is constantly developing and changing. Intelligent sales analytics in TopOPPS gives you a comprehensive view of your pipeline’s history through a variety of reports, so you will always know where you win and where you need improvement.

    TopOPPS gives your sales team the ability to operate in real time so that you can be proactive in keeping deals from falling through your pipeline and be able to predict which deals will close. With TopOPPS, you will get back your confidence to hit your number.

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  • Additional information can be found online at:

    TopOPPS Logo