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WorkFusion | www.workfusion.com - WorkFusion

Winner In:
Best Big Data Solution

WorkFusion is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) that pairs machine learning with data analysts to train and maintain accurate, durable automation algorithms. The top financial information vendors and global banks use WorkFusion to replace BPO and expensive point tools. Common applications of WorkFusion include client onboarding, compliance, corporate actions, deals, entities, equities, funds, fundamentals, indices, loans, and settlements.

Case 1: Dividends Extraction
WorkFusion automated the extraction of dividend announcements from OCR'd press releases. WorkFusion reduced time per extraction from 5 minutes to 4 seconds and automated 99% of single announcements.

Case 2: Building / Refreshing Legal Entities
WorkFusion automated 94% of reference data collection for legal entities from company registries, annual filings, and unstructured company media. WorkFusion reduced extraction cost per entity record from $3.80 to $0.22 and the time it took to update 40,000 records from 1 year to 1 month.

Case 3: Standard Settlement Instructions
A top global bank uses WorkFusion to automate the extraction of 900,000 SSIs per year and improve accuracy through automated validations and escalations. WorkFusion reduces the bank's annualized BPO cost by 80%, delivered 30-second STP processing (a reduction from 15 minutes), and entirely eliminated 'fat fingering' errors during extraction.

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