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Elsevier Reference Module in Chemistry, Molecular Sciences and Chemical Engineering - Elsevier Science & Technology

Winner In:
Best General Reference Service
Best Scholarly Publishing Information Solution

How do chemists, chemical engineers and other researchers in related fields find up-to-date, trustworthy content to help solve the world�s biggest problems? It was difficult in the past, but now they can use the Reference Module in Chemistry, Molecular Sciences and Chemical Engineering.

Common starting points for research include search engines, online wikis and traditional reference works. Search engines lack an intuitive subject hierarchy and combine relevant/irrelevant results. Online wikis lack rigorous review by experts and are often not trusted or cited. Traditional reference works lack currency since they are published every five to seven years.

This Reference Module gives researchers, through Elsevier's scientific database, ScienceDirect, trustworthy, citable information kept current by experts. The editorial board overseeing this module is led by Editor-in-Chief Jan Reedijk of Leiden University in the Netherlands, and includes well-known experts on chemistry, molecular sciences and chemical engineering.

The Reference Module includes:
� New content along with Elsevier's authoritative, peer-reviewed reference works
� Articles that are continuously reviewed, updated as needed, and time stamped by an expert editorial board
� Intuitive subject hierarchies so it is easy to navigate and find essential information
� Linking to relevant journal articles and book chapters on ScienceDirect for additional information

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