Best Customer Relationship Management Solution

Recognizes the best software solution designed to expand a company's knowledge about, and relationship with, its current or potential customers and/or partners. Includes CRM, PRM, SFA, marketing automation, personalization products and services.

Nimble, Inc. - Nimble

Nimble has reimagined relationship management by creating the first CRM that works for you, everywhere you work. It automatically builds your CRM by gathering contact and company details into one place including email conversations, calendar activities and social conversations and signals.

Nimble provides an easy way to track, engage, and nurture important business contacts. Thanks to Nimble’s Smart Contacts App you can now take your relationship database with you everywhere you engage. Nimble works inside of all social platforms, in your inbox, in other CRM apps, etc. It not only mines your current database, it delivers insights on any person or company you come across online.

Nimble is your simply smarter social sales and marketing solution. It can be used as a company's social CRM or the Nimble Smart Contacts App can add tremendous value to existing CRM, sales and marketing products. Marketing automation features like group messaging, custom email templates, and response tracking were designed to help you engage audience in a personal way.

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    Pega Marketing - Pegasystems

    Pega Marketing is an omni-channel, strategic marketing application that powers 1:1 inbound and outbound marketing programs in real time, across all channels. The foundation of our platform is decision management capabilities; these utilize big data repositories (data about customers and the business) to drive predictive, self-learning analytics which analyze every customer behavior and tendency, and use that data to help the marketer read and react in the most effective way possible to any given situation.

    Pega Marketing helps marketers determine the best offer for a customer, but goes far beyond that by identifying and suggesting actions for those customers unlikely to retain, in need of service, or that might become financial risks. It acts as an automated single decision authority, making recommendations in context for customer interactions to deliver trustworthy, profitable, and consistent engagement. Ultimately, Pega offers the next best action to take across all of a brand’s customers and channels at the exact moment they need the data (e.g. when a customer hits a webpage, calls the call-center, or receives an email).

    Ultimately, Pega Marketing enables marketers to deliver seamless customer experiences by managing individual customer relationships and deliver hyper-personalized, intelligent interactions. Companies can use every customer touchpoint to build trust, increase loyalty and corresponding lifetime value, and improve the bottom line.

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    Pegasystems Logo - RedBooks LLC

    REDBOOKS is the most comprehensive, up-to-date sales/marketing and competitive intelligence solution - wrapped around a dead simple CRM - with coverage of the largest 100,000 brands (within 15,000 parent companies) and 10,000 agencies.

    Used by media and tech companies, and agencies of all sizes, we provide the Key Contacts (direct contact info, LinkedIn, real-time news) and the Key Context (including agency-client relationships, competitive landscapes, breakdown of brands' ad spend across mediums, and sample TV, print and digital ads - all in easy-to-digest profiles).

    Layered on top of this is advanced Machine Learning (and Natural Language Processing) technology, which screens 500,000+ news sources in real-time, and ingests in millions of articles attached to REDBOOKS-specific companies and key decision-makers and influencers. With REDBOOKS technology, your Sales and Marketing Teams are armed with a solution that makes a massive impact on Marketing, Prospecting and Customer Relationship Management.

    The entire platform is personalized to the individual users (within our enterprise clients), with customized target leads lists and real-time sales trigger alerts sent to the users.

    Today, thousands of users depend on REDBOOKS as their simple CRM and Sales Intelligence platform - from teams at Google, Facebook and Apple to ESPN, ABC, NBC Universal to CBS Outdoor, Comcast, Time Inc. to universities of all sizes including Notre Dame, Columbia, Penn State and UPenn.

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    Customer Success Management Platform - Totango

    Totango is the leader in Customer Success and user engagement. We help SaaS vendors and online services take a data-driven approach to optimizing the customer experience, leading to churn reduction, maximum customer lifetime value, and higher trial conversion, product adoption and onboarding rates. By combining big data analytics with segmentation and predictive tools, the Totango platform pairs contextual customer behavior with traditional CRM transactional data in order to deliver actionable insights that drive customer success. As businesses move to the cloud and the subscription-based model, the relationship between customers and companies has shifted dramatically, from human interactions to digital in-app ones, opening a new way to understand customers, ensure their happiness, and maximize revenue. Traditional CRMs, with their focus on transactional data, don’t offer this kind of understanding. Totango is different from other Customer Success solutions in that it is sensor-based, collects real-time engagement data, and identifies and monitors leading indicators of customer health. With the Totango Health Score, companies generate crucial insights – by account and also at the individual user and departmental levels – that ultimately drive maximum Customer Success. The solution also offers a versatile (and constantly expanding) suite of integrations, including a portfolio management integration within Salesforce CRM.

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