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Recognizes the best solution that helps businesses enhance their customer service and support. Includes help-desk services, live chat, social media, mobile support, etc.

LiveEngage - LivePerson, Inc.

LiveEngage empowers businesses to drive the greatest possible results from their digital assets. It is the only product in the market combining predictive intelligent targeting, live engagement tools, self-service digital content and mobile messaging capabilities on a single user-friendly, cloud-based interface. This unmatched integration enables brands to identify and create meaningful connections with their most valuable prospects and customers, at the most pertinent time, with the most targeted messaging-- ensuring optimal outreach and returns. In addition, LiveEngage is able to learn from every interaction, creating a feedback loop that continuously enriches intelligence and optimizes future engagements. LiveEngage is simple enough for small businesses while still secure and powerful enough to meet the requirements of enterprise businesses. LiveEngage’s full range of solutions, from personalized messages to very high-touch assistance options like mobile messaging, video and chat, can be plugged into any customer’s existing digital infrastructure, or accessed from an app. LiveEngage also plays well with others, maintaining an open architecture approach for custom solutions and easy application integration. After a one-time coding implementation and customized agent training, brands can use the intuitive interface to create and launch campaigns on the fly and deliver a consistent, personalized cross-channel buying experience.

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    NewVoiceMedia ContactWorld for Service - NewVoiceMedia

    NewVoiceMedia ContactWorld for Service has quickly become a market leader, delivering enterprise-class cloud CRM contact center technology. Its aim? To help clients ‘Sell more. Serve Better. Grow Faster’. It couldn’t be simpler to set up (22minutes is the record!) or easier to use. What’s more, it puts the people who run sales, service and operations in control – bypassing expensive and slow-moving IT consultants. Sophisticated call routing saves time – for customers and agents alike. IVR menu systems route callers to the best agent according to caller line identification, origin country, number called, case number, language, or end customer choice. Salesforce integration drives efficiency. ‘Whispers’ and screen pops link agents to the customer’s CRM record. Simple and fast-to-locate call recording helps managers to develop agents’ skills as well as meet compliance and regulatory requirements. It’s perfectly suited to a growing customer base. Right from day one, it’s ready to help you grow – scalable, flexible and sim

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    Pega Customer Service 7.1.4 - Pegasystems

    Pega Customer Service 7.1.4 is an enterprise customer service application enabling companies to engage customers, simplify customer service representatives' (CSRs) experiences, and evolve. It has a contact center desktop, case management, mobile field service, self-service, and industry-specific processes and data models. Instead of CSRs interpreting large amounts of data, Pega anticipates customer needs, provides guidance and automates processes to deliver personalized experiences. No matter what channel (social, mobile, live chat, phone, in person, etc.), customer conversations transition without losing context. Additional features include:

    • Co-Browsing: instantly share web or mobile experiences and guide customers in real time
    • Social Engagement: listen to social conversations, analyze customer sentiment, and respond
    • Mobile: interact through a user experience optimized for mobile devices
    • Intelligent Guidance: anticipate what customers need with real time intelligent next best action suggestions and step-by-step guidance
    • Intuitive Interface: The easy-to-use interface supports large organizations' customer service complexities
    • Knowledge Management: recommends relevant, timely information based on interactions and manages the complete lifecycle of content
    • Case Management for Customer Service: connects people and systems to resolve inquiries, tracks information, automates and assigns outstanding tasks, and connects front and back office activity

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    Sparkcentral Customer Engagement Platform - Sparkcentral

    Sparkcentral is the first channel-agnostic, enterprise customer engagement platform powering customer-obsessed brands. In an era of the empowered, hyper-connected customer, Sparkcentral is the only CRM platform for enterprises that unifies social, mobile, cloud and contextual data to proactively deliver personalized and engaging customer experiences. Customer service teams use our software to efficiently handle large amounts of inbound inquiries over social media in a fast and structured manner. Sparkcentral’s client roster includes Delta Air Lines, Emirates, Netflix, Dropbox, Uber and T-Mobile.

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