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Recognizes the best tool, platform or service that allows users to sort through vast amounts of content and present it in a meaningful and organized way. Solutions allow users to arrange, display, collect, organize, co-create, share and manipulate content.

PatentPak - Chemical Abstracts Service

PatentPak is a workflow solution that helps scientists identify important chemistry in within patent documents in a fraction of the time. In February of 2015, PatentPak was introduced for the first time as an add-on to SciFinder®, an industry-leading research discovery application already used by scientists around the world to access the scientific literature. Now with instant access to over 8 million searchable full-text patents from 11 major patent offices around the world, including patents in multiple languages, scientists using PatentPak save up to half the time they typically spend researching patents. At the core of PatentPak functionality is intellectual input from hundreds of scientists who initially index patents for discoverability in SciFinder. Their annotations, visible in the PatentPak interactive patent chemistry viewer, pinpoint the exact location of key substance disclosures within the document and eliminate the need to read or browse the patent page by page. Chemistry that may have once been buried among hundreds of pages is now just one click away. To help scientists interpret the chemistry, PatentPak also provides chemical structures, unique identifiers (CAS Registry Number® identifiers) and links back to SciFinder, where users can take advantage of the unparalleled substance information in CAS REGISTRY, the gold standard for chemical substance information.

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    Lesson Planet Collections - Lesson Planet

    Lesson Planet Collections, launched in September 2015 and a finalist for a 2106 EdTech Digest Cool Tool award as well as a CODiE, is an easy new way for the K-12 education audience to store, organize, and manage lesson planning materials online. Sharing Collections will launch later this spring. The platform serves as an exemplar across verticals by being user-friendly, flexible, and fast.

    At the forefront of teacher-curated and -reviewed Open Educational Resource (OER) search since 1999, Lesson Planet now offers a smart, easy way to collect resources found through the site, along with uploaded original files and links to websites and videos. Collections include the following three primary features:

    With the Collection Builder, teachers can drag & drop resources found through Lesson Planet into easily created custom Collections. With just a few clicks, original curriculum files and links/URLs to websites and videos can be stored along with curated OER.

    The Collections Editor enables organization, resource-by-resource notekeeping, and one-click access to Lesson Planet's credentialed teacher reviews and standards-alignment information, as well as to the original OER.

    The Curriculum Manager provides an overview of all collected materials and the drag & drop ability to organize them in one view.

    Lesson Planet Collections—accessible anytime, anywhere, from any device—give teachers the flexibility to use the service when, where, and how it works best for them

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    LexisNexis Newsdesk - LexisNexis Group

    LexisNexis Newsdesk is an all-in-one media monitoring and analytics solution designed to help information, communication, and business professionals discover actionable insights with the most comprehensive, global content collection in the industry. Offering access to both licensed and open Web content—newspapers, Web sites, broadcast news sources, blogs and social media—from a simple interface, Newsdesk improves visibility of media coverage and uncovers business-critical intelligence.
    The broad range of content allows organizations to monitor what’s being said in near real-time—ensuring quick, agile responses to trends and crises. Plus, Newsdesk simplifies analyzing complex data sets then visualizes findings in easy-to-digest charts and graphs that can be shared using alerts, customizable newsletters and live, embeddable charts into a company portal or Web site.
    At its core, Newsdesk empowers users to search and analyze, but its power is in helping professionals make faster, more informed decisions that drive value for their businesses. Newsdesk users can quickly and easily uncover competitive intelligence, measure campaign coverage & share of voice, monitor media sentiment & reputation, and uncover industry hot topics and opportunities.
    We’re proud of what our users are saying: “An excellent resource for keeping us up-to-date with our clients, competitors, projects and opportunities.” “It gives you up-to-the-minute information from trusted sources, which is invaluable.”

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    Trapit - Trapit

    Trapit is the leading platform for authentic social selling and employee advocacy. Marketers and sales teams use Trapit to empower employees on social media with content that is proven to spark engagement & drive sales. Trapit’s platform brings together end-to-end social sales functionality by organizing advocates into teams, discovering original content, curating that content, optimizing it to be shared on employees’ social networks, and analyzing the results to inform and shape ongoing content strategy no matter the channel, network or publishing platform a business wishes to use. In addition to enabling companies to pull content from Twitter and upload their company-created content to Trapit, the technology behind the platform draws on a human-vetted set of 100,000+ sources to ensure that all content being shared is high-quality and reputable material, furthermore providing the tools brands need to measure efficacy and connect the dots between social media and sales. The product is dedicated to helping brands engage their employees, customers and prospects with authentic conversations inspired by excellent content experiences. Trapit spun out from SRI International and its advanced AI CALO project, which is the same that produced Siri, applying that technology to the problems of content discovery across the Web.

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