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Networked BI - Birst

Birst’s “Networked BI” completely redefines the way BI is delivered and consumed. This new technology enables global governance with local execution and further realizes Birst’s vision of trusted and agile collaboration between centralized and decentralized teams. Traditionally, organizations have depended on centralized IT to physically replicate data and metadata infrastructures to enable analytics for decentralized groups. This approach is time consuming, expensive and, ultimately, a barrier to end-user self-service. Instead, “Networked BI” virtualizes the entire BI ecosystem, transforming every aspect of an organization’s approach to analytics, from application development lifecycles to end-user generated data mashups and content. Built on top of Birst’s modern, multi-tenant cloud architecture, “Networked BI” creates a network of interwoven BI instances that share a common analytical fabric. This enables organizations to expand the use of BI across multiple regions, departments and customers in a more agile way, and empowers these decentralized groups to augment the global analytical fabric with their own local data. The result is enterprise-grade scalability at unprecedented speed and end-user freedom with self-service data preparation capabilities and transparent governance. By bringing analytics to the virtual world with “Networked BI,” Birst eliminates data silos once and for all and dramatically accelerates the delivery of BI across the enterprise.

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  • Analytics On Demand - Cengage Learning

    Analytics On Demand is a software application to help libraries analyze data and discover insights about their community—who is and isn't using their resources—to inform strategic planning, collection development, programming and to measure the impact of decisions.

    Analytics On Demand provides rich demographic, psychographic, and ethnographic data, presented both narratively and visually, so analysis is easy and actionable. Library administrators uses Analytics On Demand to blend data from their internal systems with external data from the U.S. Census Bureau and Experian MOSIAC Consumer Lifestyle Segmentation, to develop custom reports with:
    • Demographics from the most recent census, forecast through 2018, to provide historical and predictive analysis of trends
    • Socioeconomic data - commute, education, employment, language, industry, social status, and behaviors/interests by household
    • Location/property data on population density, dwelling type, housing value, and more.

    Analytics On Demand is the first affordable big data solution for the non-profit library world where few options exist and are limited, not providing forecasting or the same data/tools that major businesses use. Through cloud technology it provides the data privacy libraries value.

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    Visible Intelligence - Cision

    Visible Intelligence is a single, cohesive scalable listening, analytics and engagement platform. It is SaaS-based, with no downloads necessary, providing access to the millions of new posts created everyday across the wide breadth of global, social and mainstream media, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, social networks, forums, blogs, review sites, news and more. The platform also provides the means for users to add their owned data, such as their community site posts or survey text responses, into their workspace for analysis.

    Cision’s state of the art VI platform also provides user configurable dashboards, unlimited searches and analytics, and robust global language sentiment all in an easy-to-use interface, so that users of any background or skill level can easily:
    - Target the social data that matters with clean, relevant results
    - Easily segment the data by product attributes, audience, reputation drivers and more, to then apply it rapidly and consistently across brand, topic or other views ultimately providing actionable insights
    - Analyze the data using comprehensive analytics within the platform such as location, influence, sentiment and more.

    As a leader in delivering highly advanced social insights, Cision’s VI platform truly helps users act on social media to create informed, real-time business decisions.

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    FusionOps - FusionOps

    FusionOps is the supply chain intelligence cloud that applies advanced data science and supply chain expertise to data giving businesses actionable knowledge to have absolute confidence in making better business decisions. It is the only platform that seamlessly combines descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics - out of the box. In 2015, the company introduce a pharma and retail solutions too.

    FusionOps converts transactional data into actionable business knowledge. Key attributes includes:
    - Enterprise Cloud platform: it accelerates time to insights by eliminating the cost and lead-time of on-premise software including installation, services, and upgrades.
    - Unlimited Sources of Data: FusionOps platform provides more in-depth analysis by expanding the range of analytical factors affecting your supply chain. The platform blends unlimited sources of data both structured (e.g. ERP, etc.) and unstructured.
    - Open Platform: FusionOps supply chain information can be used by other applications, customer portals, and even data lakes.
    - Data Preparation & validation: The platform harmonizes data from multiple sources and validates all of the data ensuring improved accuracy.
    - User Driven: Live infographics, dashboards, and self-service analytics allow business users across the enterprise the ability to run reports or models about the supply chain operations to get the information they need in a fast, easy-to-consume way.

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    SOASTA Digital Operations Center (DOC) - SOASTA Inc.

    The SOASTA Digital Operations Center (DOC) is an industry-first performance command center that provides a central point of visibility and control for managing today's 24/7 digital business. SOASTA DOC enables enterprises to identify, analyze and fix performance issues in real time with contextual intelligence to increase user engagement, conversion and monetization by websites and mobile applications.

    Built on an advanced performance analytics engine that integrates and correlates performance data across the entire IT stack, the DOC uses advanced real-time analytics and visualization to create a unified view of all aspects of digital performance.

    The DOC easily integrates with third-party measurement and analytics tools. It then uses this unified data set to create a common language across the company to fuel informed, data-driven decision-making.

    A unique control application operates the DOC and allows quick and easy switching between customized views for different stakeholders.

    SOASTA DOC is built on SOASTA’s industry-leading innovations, including "Real-Time Analytics of Web Performance Using Actual User Measurements" (US patent # 9,021,362); "Global Test Grid" (patent pending), which allows instant provisioning of server testing capacity on a grid of global cloud platforms; and "Functional Test Automation for Gesture-Based Mobile Applications" (US patent # 9,154,611), which measures mobile user experiences.

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    Profit Analyzer - Vendavo, Inc.

    Profit Analyzer analyzes internal transaction data to quickly pinpoint where your organization is leaking margins. Available on-premise and hosted, Profit Analyzer delivers in-memory analytics with configurable dashboards, charts, tables and reports that allow users to better understand pricing and profit opportunities.

    The solution guides users through step-by-step instructions to identify which customers and products are the most profitable. Using the dashboards and advanced pricing visualization, users can analyze large sets of data and identify the root cause of margin leakage, such as an under-performing product, excessive discounting or unprofitable target prices.

    Within the solution, users have the power to customize filters, such as region, business unit or time period, that cater to their business needs and most effectively analyze business performance. Further, users can set side-by-side comparisons of data sets to identify trends, uncover the cause and take action to correct any under-performing units.

    Profit Analyzer promotes collaboration across department lines to ensure the profitability of your business is the top priority. The insights culled from the data can be shared with key stakeholders through a URL link. You can now empower your entire team to make pricing and profitability an organizational focus.

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