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Recognizes the best solution for providing infrastructure as a service, including infrastructure, provisioning, security, reporting/controls, storage, and backup in a seamless, scalable, and flexible manner.

Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite - Cisco Systems

Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite delivers a cloud management platform to stand up and monitor a private cloud along with the ability to seamlessly and securely extend to the public cloud of choice. The services are offered through an on-demand self service portal, providing customers a single pane of glass for ordering and managing services in private and public cloud. It offers:
• Infrastructure-as-a-service with the ability to order physical and virtual infrastructure (compute, storage and network) from a catalog
• The ability to deploy workloads across an array of public cloud providers
• Integrated performance, energy and health monitoring and management across compute, network, and storage
• A transparent user experience for multiple user types and roles. Using the out-of-box templates and embedded stack designer, architects can design, configure, and automate the delivery of application stacks to facilitate on-demand ordering and delivery to a wide range of users.
• Unified provisioning and management of Cisco and multivendor hardware and integrated infrastructure
• The ability to accelerate application deployment through preconfigured virtual networking, virtual security and L4-L7 services
• A modern, self-service portal and catalog enhances the user experience, and embedded application tool sets automate configuration and deployment of application stacks

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    Kandy - GENBAND

    Kandy is a cloud based, real-time communications software development platform that enables rapid service creation for service providers, enterprises, systems integrators, software vendors and developers. Just over a year old, it already powers more than 15 million users.

    Kandy leverages both GENBAND’s carrier-grade communications, presence and security software and fring’s 9 years of mobile OTT messaging experience. The Kandy framework includes Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), Software Development Kits (SDKs) and tutorials such as pre-built applications like video shopping assistance to jumpstart development. It has an outcome-based pay-as-you-grow business model that helps service providers, enterprises, systems integrators, software vendors and developers accelerate time-to-market, minimize upfront investments, and focus on value-added services instead of infrastructure.

    Kandy is designed for an all-IP world. Companies can embed Real Time Communications including voice, video, rich messaging, presence, co-browsing and screen sharing into web and mobile applications, creating a more engaging experience for customers and boosting collaboration and productivity for employees.

    With more than 1,500 customer accounts and 50 ecosystem partners including global brands such as IBM, Deloitte and SAP, Kandy is helping its partners and customers bring thousands of innovative use cases to market in a range of fields including retail and healthcare.

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    Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform - Red Hat, Inc.

    IT organizations are being challenged to react faster to growing customer demands.To do so, these organizations are increasingly turning to both public and private clouds to swiftly deploy and scale IT infrastructure. However, the cloud doesn’t always meet the performance and security standards needed to keep up with today’s speed of business. Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform attempts to mitigate this by offering IT infrastructure teams and cloud application developers a clear path to an open hybrid cloud without compromising on availability, security, or performance. Red Hat has uniquely combined the reliability, stability, and security of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system, with OpenStack, the fastest-growing cloud infrastructure platform, to deliver a secure foundation for building open private or public clouds. Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 7 features a new deployment and management tool that simplifies installation, eases day-to-day management tasks, and establishes the foundation for orchestrated live system updates and upgrades for subsequent version releases. Additionally, this release introduces greater OpenStack network security controls, giving telco customers more granularity and control over network traffic ports at the virtual machine level. This allows customers to maintain a tightened security level over the greater OpenStack cloud, while allowing virtualized network function (VNF) traffic through each virtual machine.

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